The rally’s trademark stage before snaking hills between roadside rocks, since it spanned iconic hanging bridges provided graphics.

The 2018 conducting marked the first time that the evaluation was conducted uphill for decades. That format is going to be kept in 2013 as it opens Sunday’s leg after which provides the atmosphere for the Wolf Power Stage, with bonus points for the five drivers.

There are no changes for the first rally of a south — Argentina is 11 days later, followed by COPEC Rally Chile — whilst the Villa Carlos Paz-based fixture visits with that the three valleys of the Cordoba country mountains.

There opens in Carlos Paz A magnificent super unique street stage the actions on Thursday. Competitors travel south on Friday for an almost unchanged itinerary comprising two loops of stages that are fast amid the Calamuchita Valley’s lakeland landscapes.

Saturday heads Tucked to the Punilla Valley’s hills and enormous pampas plains for a recurrent loop of several stages.

Watersplashes are a Frequent sight in Argentina

It has an elongated version of the test running into Cuchilla Nevada, which this year starts from Mataderos, to be followed by the 33.65kilometers stage from Cuchilla Nevada into Characato, the maximum of the rally.

The loops on both days are separated by a favorite super special stage at an area park and then service at the occurrence ’s lake-side hub in town.

Sunday’s dual go by Copina – El Cóndor is divided from the both moon like landscapes of the Mina Clavero – .

Even the 18 stages cover 349.48kilometers in a whole route of 1302.51km and also the full trip can be viewed here.


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