Verstappen won two races and finished fourth at the tournament in 2018, and was tipped by Hamilton and also Vettel to mount a title challenge when he’s got the ideal package.

Horner, whose team jumped from Renault to Honda motors for 2019 in search for a championship challenge,” said Verstappen would not be daunted by fighting much more knowledgeable, powerful drivers.

“I actually don’t believe he fears anything,” said Horner. “We’ve seen both of those guys make mistakes during their careers. This past year, sebastian had a small cluttered year.

“If you have a take a look at his [Verstappen’s] performance from the next half of the calendar year, he’s the second-highest points scorer to Le.

“I actually don’t believe he lacks anything they have when we provides him with the tools to accomplish the job.

Verstappen’s impressive 2018 form came after a torrid start to this year littered with crashes and mistakes.

That included running off the street fighting with him China and clashing with Hamilton at Bahrain.

“At some point in the near future it’s only natural that the brightness of the star will start to fade.

“He will need to rely on experience and also whether you can have that Pure speed for that continuing Time Period.”

“It’s only human nature that often there is a development. In 10 years’ time it is going to be Max appearing over his shoulder”

Vettel was also struck by verstappen through the race but his debatable charm didn’t end there.

In Azerbaijan, team mate took out Verstappen after an intense fight and he missed qualifying in , at which gained after shunting in final clinic.

Horner expects Verstappen to direct RedBull’s advancement in 2019 following ’s movement to and the promotion of this less-experienced .

Asked when it was crucial to get Verstappen to improve without even sacrificing his edge, Horner said:”Surely, that’s what defines him makes him the exciting motorist he is.

“You simply know with him which he simply really wants to race as quickly as possible, every lap. He’s not just a fan of testing he had far rather go hurrying.

“Looking back [previous] races, when Kimi passed him at he simply doesn’t give uphe repassed him across the outside in Luffield.

“He’s got that absolute determination and no fear. We watched it in [in [ 20 17 ]. His ability to go to another level is there with the best”


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