The Hillsborough game commander said”a gate was forced” and that there is an”in-rush of supporters” since the tragedy unfolded, a court has heard.

Preston Crown Court heard Glen Kirton, the Football Association’s head of press relations overheard that the remark by David Duckenfield at the time in 1989.

In addition, he said the former chief superintendent said it had”caused casualties”.

74, mr Duckenfield, denies the gross negligence manslaughter of both 9-5 fans.

The South Yorkshire Police chief superintendent, of Ferndown in Dorset, was the game commander at the FA Cup semi-final on 15 April 1989.

69, sheffield Wednesday’s ex-club secretary Graham Mackrell, denies a charge regarding a safe practices charge and the stadium safety certificate.

The game between and Nottingham Forest was discontinued after six minutes when a fatal crush was caused by overcrowding on the terraces.

Mr Kirton told that the court shortly following the match was halted he went together with FA chief executive Graham Kelly to the police charge box to find out what happened.

He also told the court it was clear out of the control box that a great deal of people were injured on the pitch, however that they mainly received treatment from supporters.

Asked if there seemed to be some central organisation, he replied:”As a layman, I thought the thing that was going on on the pitch looked chaotic.”

Mr Kirton said he also remembered Mr Duckenfield stating that in his view the game needs to be abandoned altogether but that he did not desire to make the announcement at there as”he had a lot of upset people plus it may bring about disturbances”.

The jury has previously been told the game commander ordered the launch of the exit gate.

They have heard as it was opened by the police, that more than 2000 fans had gate C.

Ben Myers QC, representing Mr Duckenfield, asked Mr Kirton if he can remember which gate Mr Duckenfield referred to and in exactly what time.

Mr Kirton said he may not.

Mr Duckenfield denies causing the deaths of 95 those who died at Hillsborough as a consequence of the crush.

There might be no prosecution for its 96th victim, Tony Bland, as he died over a year and a day.

The trial continues.


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