Ahead of the launch of RedBull’s new car on February 1 3 , and the start of pre-season testing in Spain on February 18, the team still does not understand where it stacks up against its main opposition.

But team boss says hopes are so high it can atleast create progress in 2019 and that its goals have been struck on by .

“I think they have had a strong winter,” said Horner, speaking at a networking event at RedBull’s London offices.

“RedBull Technology happen to be dealing with for 12 months today, with supplied the gearbox and drivetrain solution for . Thus we have seen behind-the-scenes that their development. They have been currently making good progress.

“I think equilibrium of regulations may help them. They’ve depended upon a theory and, for the very first time since their re-entry with no being a clean sheet of newspaper, to f 1, that has continued in one season to the next.

“It will all depend on what the others have done, but certainly versus themselves there has been good progress.”

One of the principal areas that will need to improve in 2019 is its visibility, with RedBull wanting to avert a repeat of this spate of engine penalties that sister team lived last season.

But although there are no warranties about the sturdiness of this power unit it will initiate the season together, Horner says he’d perhaps not be upset when his team was made to take power units that are additional .

“Clearly it has been a massive struggle todo 21 races on three engines,” he explained. “We would prefer to see consistent evolution, even if this means carrying a punishment or 2 along the way.

“As we saw this past year, the effects of the penalties at the proper places could be fairly minimal.

“I think so long as the progress and the trajectory is still in the ideal way, there is a whole good deal of controversy over the team, over the mill, and excitement about working in cooperation with the newest partner.”

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Horner has beliefs that the relationship with won’t play in a similar way, while connections between engine partner and RedBull fell in to acrimony.

“It is a very different scenario,” he said.” [We’ve been in] very much a customer service relationship you receive an economy chair and where we were investing in a top class ticket.

“An awful lot of frustration has been hauled out from that. And the direction within has been dissimilar from that which it was once we started that the relationship.

“Using , it being a true technical venture, there is a great deal more collective responsibility in both sides as opposed to being a customer service scenario.

“We are not expecting to go to 100% a blank sheet of newspaper, but that which we have been extremely hopeful of is that the performance is likely to soon be a step from where we’re in the last few years.”


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