Wales’ most capped footballer, Jess Fishlock, speaks to Beth Fisher to get BBC Wales Live on her experiences of growing up in Wales and the duty she feels being a role model for kids.

Wales’ most decorated footballer,” Jessica Fishlock MBE maintains that her experience in the school was”hell on earth” due to abuse within her own sexuality.

Fishlock, who’s played with 113 days on her country, says her adventures growing up have left specifically for kids and her determined for a role model from the LGBT community.

Olympique Lyon midfielder and the 32-year-old Seattle Reign says there remains a premise about the sexuality of women who believes education and play football is the trick to improve.

High-school was’hell on earth’

“High school for me was hell on earth,” Fishlock recalls.

“It was all I despised about everything. I personally went that I did not know I had to figure out.

“And then you are about people your age that are going through their own stuff, and also the first thing kids do if they are under great pressure or don’t know some thing is that they throw stuff, if it be , mentally, they do not even know they are doing it.

“For mepersonally, growing up, notably substantial school was hell on earth. I had these problems. I was short hair at that moment. And I went through a great number of things that were unnecessary, such as’why’s she at room changing ?”’

“[Individuals saying] she shouldn’t be from the girls changing room. It wasn’t great. It had been hard for me, but I don’t want anyone to go through that there has to be matters that people need to change.”

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‘I knew from a young age I loved women’

Fishlock maintains that her novelty never fearful her at adolescence, but she soon realised society was accepting than she had been clearly of the fact she had been homosexual.

“I believe I knew when I was 12 I love women, right? Whatever,” she states.

“I remember the moment clear and I wasn’t angry about it. Like it had been okay. However, the greatest thing for me was hoping to manoeuvre my entire life. It wasn’t some thing I had been fearful of.

“It wasn’t something which I just disliked and caused me to dislike myself for that I really was. However, I did not know just why it had been a poor thing. That’s where for me it had been some thing I simply couldn’t really endure. You realize, does it matter?

“Even at a really young age going throughout this, 20 decades past, I never knew why it had been a problem. Plus it’s a whole lot worse now. The problem isn’t understood by me.

“The turning point for me was when I just realised that I wasn’t the problem. The situation was the society in faculty. Perhaps not only the youngsters in school since they do not know; the society and also the notion process around it had been the problem.”

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‘Having to endure a lie is among the worst stuff’

Fishlock says there are huge assumptions made regarding women who play football.

“For me in the event that you play football and you are a woman, 90 percent of people automatically instantly think you are a lesbian,” she explained.

“Children shouldn’t lock themselves in their room or try and hide far from their family and be lonely.

“The hardest thing you can do when you proceed through this material is always to be lonely, and they do not need to anymore and I feel that is where we may start to generate a change.

“The most significant change will occur when people start hurling abuse and they also realise it doesn’t do anything else anymore.

“It is not 50 decades ago when if you called some one homosexual or homosexual or anything words people hed to use, it may have offended, it may have hurt people, such as really really hurt people and forced them change their entire lives.

“And shame on those people because being forced to endure a lie is just one of the hardest stuff in the world. However, I really don’t believe that takes place . I presume when people declare that, kids will turn around and be like’and?’ Yeah I’m homosexual. It’s your problem not mine.

“This will end up squeezing it out. The only reason people say it will be to hurt some one. When they realise it only doesn’t hurt anyone , they are going to move on.”

‘I am a really ordinary person. I am just a lesbian, that is it’

Fishlock says education will be the society behaves towards people within the LGBT community also that she feels a responsibility to utilize her stage to raise the problem.

“A lot of it is education. And also lots of it is only understanding,” she explained.

“Coming out openly was a very major decision for me.

IE]>Jess Fishlock poses with her medal after being appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to womens football and the LGBT community during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace

“I am not the only person who has abused. I am not the only person who gets opinions. It’s come round to my own family along with my sisters and my mother and dad, when I decided, you realize I must think about additional people as well it is extremely egotistical of me.

“However there is in fact a big picture, and also the bigger picture is generations of kids looking at a role model, appearing at what they have achieved and understanding what they are moving right through.

“We’ve all been through it and we comprehend how hard it is. So they understand that it’s not wrong and are able to relate to us, there’s no difference, you’re simply a human being and you’re ordinary, despite what people say. People today say,’oh she’s not ordinary’ – I am completely ordinary.”

‘Some times I do not desire to battle’

Fishlock believes people’s individual fears are the reason for antiquated views on sexuality, but acknowledges it could be exhausting fighting with prejudice.

“I simply do not understand why it has to happen why it has to be a thing,” she explained.

IE]>Jess Fishlock playing for Lyon

“Folks like myself that are from the public eye, so we now need to continue fighting to save lives.

“I haven’t discovered the word’dyke’ for a long time, but when I did it was on Twitter.

“At one point I deactivated my Twitter as it had been kind of like faculty, the environment wasn’t decent for mepersonally, therefore I shot myself out of it.

“And sometimes you’ve only got to achieve that. I am able to fight with all of the time, but I really don’t h to struggle.

“You can not change everybody, therefore sometimes you’ve only got to move’I am only stepping off from this struggle’… for my sanity.”


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