Kai Robin Havnaa (13-0, 11 KOs) has signed a contract expansion with Team Sauerland whilst the rising Norwegian star prepares for his roughest career evaluation against Rad ‘Thunder’ Rashid on March 2 at the SØep Amfi at Arendal.

“I really believe you shouldn’a winning team changes. We’ve ever had relationship for the past four years, and now that I ’m excited about continuing our work as we enter an exciting new chapter in my own career. ”

Katharina Thanderz gives you chief support with a super featherweight contest against Rachel Ball, Hadi Srour is straight in the professional ring to match Zoltan Szabo, and Kristiansand’s Jamshid Nazari assumes on Ivica Gogosevic.


“Having said that, to become evident, I want Joey to be Kai’s mind trainer at the future, and I am delighted to keep my position as helper when Kai needs me. I think Joey is among the best coaches in the world and the best trainer on the market for Kai.

“We will continue to trace Joey’s system. I don’t even plan on shifting. There’ll be a lot of sparring at the forthcoming weeks, and Kai has been doing all his running so he is going to be attaining peak shape. I have to watch on him to make sure he’s perhaps not over training. ”

Erling was a constant figure in his brother Magne Havnaa’s corner and was there to watch him write his name from the history novels by stopping undefeated American Boone Pultz at a rematch to the WBO World title on May 17, 1990.

“However all that experience is very valuable for me. I’ve experienced the struggle game as the 80s, and was close to my cousin during his successful professional career, there’s much that I harbor ’t seen before. ”

While Erling admits there are similarities between his nephew and brother, he’s also quick to mention their differences,” but says he believes Kai has the capability to trace in his dad ’s footsteps and become ’s next World Champion.

“I find a guy that seems strong,” says Erling. “Rashid is an experienced competition with twenty professional fights, but I really believe Kai can be at him. Kai is hungrier, and that I know he will do anything to win, however that really is professional and when two heavy guys at a fantastic level get from the ring, anything could occur.

“Folks are eager for this particular one. Everybody else in Arendal was very happy with the previous event. I know they appreciate that an athlete like Kai, who is working hard and putting all at stake in the ring. ”

Kai Robin Havnaa returns to the SØep Amfi at Arendal on March 2 to headline his inaugural stadium in his roughest career evaluation against Rad Rashid.

Katharina Thanderz provides chief support with a super featherweight contest against unbeaten Brit Rachel Ball, Hadi Srour meets Zoltan Szabo, Anders Eggan confronts Frane Radnic, and Jamshid Nazari takes on Ivica Gogosevic.

Tickets are available via www.ticketmaster.no or simply by calling (+47) 22 82 81 9-7.

“I wounded the knuckle in my right hand at sparring,” explains Eggan. “The tissue is really damaged and health practitioners have said that I need to break my hands for five weeks to let it heal correctly. I’m frustrated as I looked forward to in Arendal, however, these harms happen in . I must follow my doctors’ advice, and hopefully, I’ll get ready to struggle soon. ”


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