But if the all star shield is delivered everywhere between now and the ’s Thursday trade deadline, Lowry said he’ll have no hard feelings toward the team he has played for over the past six-plus seasons.

“I really don’t think there’s one thing I can say or do [to improve which ], you know exactly what I mean?

“I think that is just how they work, plus so they operate. They make movements plus also they make movements to the most useful of the organization. If they really do something which is going to be their feeling to whatever the organization believes is ideal for them.”

He admitted he had been astonished no one in Toronto office has approached him about a potential thing, and that his name came up at all.

“No, I have not heard anything,” Lowry said. “Reassurance are great, but at the close of your day, they don’t need to call me. My occupation is as a new player to really go out here and do my own job. That would be great , Should they wish to call me. It would be appreciated by me. But when they really don’t, I understand.

“It’s a company. I am sure they’d , when they wanted to call me, although I know that is such a cliche. I’ve been here six decades, and I’ve given a lot. I am sure when they were going to trade me, they would say,’Hey, Kyle, it’s this that’s on the table.'”

Lowry, who was selected into his fifth directly all star team last week, is at the next year of a $100 million deal he signed.

In an interview with ’s Rachel Nichols at December, Lowry said of his connection with Raptors president of basketball operations ,”He is the president of basketball operations, which is it. For me, I do my own job and come here. … That is where we stand.”

Although Lowry might well not hold any ill will toward Ujiri due to his name coming up in trade talks now, he explained matters are no different now than they were said that two weeks past.

“It is the truth, right? At the close of your day I said nothing that was not authentic,” Lowry said. “That is the way I view it. The partnership has always been exactly the same. As I have here This has been exactly the same.

“Years ago, he challenged me to be a basketball player… that was his challenge. We haven’t been,”’Rah-rah, buddy buddy.’ … I keep a little circle, which is the way I work, and how I operate. So, for me personally, it’s one of the ideas where I live in my own lane.”

Tuesday’s win made the Raptors with a 39-16 album, leaving 1.5 games behind the Milwaukee Bucks to the best place in the Eastern Conference. Toronto has managed to do that despite using its whole roster available for only two matches all season — wins at Phoenix on Nov. two, also at Utah on Nov. 5.

Which should change Thursday, when Jonas Valanciunas has been place to return somewhat less than two weeks after dislocating his thumb against the Golden State Warriors. At least, that will be the case if the Raptors choose to stand pat the deadline.

The Raptors have had Lowry and Kawhi Leonard on the court together in only 29 of the 55 matches this season after Tuesday’s win — for example eight of Toronto’s past 27 competitions. Lowry said that, once healthy, Toronto has enough to make a run at getting also to the Finals.

“I presume we’re really good,” he explained. “I presume we’re really blessed. I think once we get fit, we’re really a dominant team. I think at the beginning of the summer season we only need to keep to grow and get healthier. That is the thing. Getting healthy and now being on precisely exactly the same page.”

And, despite not hearing from the front office, Lowry says he is on the same page with these.

“Nonot all,” he stated, when asked when he was upset he had not heard from them about a potential thing. “It’s exactly what it really is. They are call if they call.

“when they don’t, I understand.”


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