Vardar Border closer to 2nd place in Löwen’s expense

Trainer Nikolaj Jacobsen estimated that his confidence could rub off on his Rhein-Neckar Löwen players, after winning the World Championship with , but the program failed in Vardar to get a masterpiece. The Macedonian side always found methods to frustrate their opponents, leaving Löwen to get themselves behind early and never have a chance to return.

  • Wing Timur Dibirov scores seven aims to get Vardar

  • Vardar host while Löwen will journey to a Brest

It was a decisive match in the gruelling struggle for second place, together with Löwen seeking to obtain some consistency after losing just two of the past few games. Yet Vardar, who aimed to build up a winning series, was a fearsome opponent, using a flawless beginning to induce the hosts to play behind the whole match.

“We are pleased with the triumph. You never know what happens in a match after a long break. But we started great, forced Löwen to make mistakes and played really well,” said Vardar coach Roberto Parrondo, although Jacobsen added: 

“It isn’t a shame to lose a team. However, I am disappointed with the match, because we wanted more. Now Barely any one of my players played on their high level, and that is inadequate contrary to Vardar. I am not pleased with your demonstration now. ”

While an undermanned Löwen tried to nourish themselves so after the coach led his team to the gold medal at the World Championship less than two weeks past, optimism, that had been brimming, the attack still looked broken.


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