Threats sent to a soccer supervisor after he ceased police are investigating his team.

45, nathan Jones, abandoned Luton Town to take more than Championship side .

The Welshman’s departure from the League One team has been criticised by some Hatters fans.

Hertfordshire Police said the attack was investigating reports that communications had been received by a man in his forties.

Jones joined Luton from Brighton and Hove Albion and abandoned the Hatters second at the next grade, having won promotion from final season. The Bedfordshire bar is currently high in its division.

Following his departure from Kenilworth Road, Jones said he expected Luton fans would”know” his decision to leave, he called a”calculated gamble”.

“The quantity of times I’ve cried from text messages from players… it gets me emotional because I had been wed to the team…” he said.

“I had been at a excellent club and it had been the hardest decision of my life to leave, but when I met the plank [at Stoke], there are so many similarities with Luton and Brighton.”


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