This past calendar year, Magnussen lashed out in having to drive”just such as a grandma” after he had been disqualified from the for exceeding the 105kg fuel limit by 170g.

That fuel limit was upped by 5kg for 20-19 and while it isn’t guaranteed teams will embrace the chance for a fuel tank, Magnussen hopes that the change — also Pirelli targeting greater conservative tyres — will allow drivers to attack more.

“We have a bit more gas, that is a nice thing,” he said when asked by about the new fuel limit at the launching of ’s 20-19 livery on Thursday.

“The frustrating thing is having to save an excessive amount of fuel.

“Even a small amount of saving is nice, there’s always been only just a little bit of fuel saving in f 1, however for me personally fuel saving how we had to get it done a handful of times last season can be actually a joke.

“The tyre thing is another thing — in Mexico that it simply did not do the job with all of us, we were moving eight seconds slower than what we can do with a brand new tyre in the race, which is also quite frustrating.

“I just hope we won’t acquire these extreme situations in which you’re not rushing .

“To manage in those extreme and ridiculous ways we had to complete once or twice, while it’s fuel or tyres, can be somewhat stupid.

“I trust that situation has been changed .”

Magnussen’s team mate said he had been cautious about making predictions.

He pointed out there is actually a negative impact from the alterations, which increase the width of the wing by 200mm and the wing by 100mm, also raises both by 20mm.

“I said in days gone by that I was not very optimistic about the change earning rushing improved, however I hope I am wrong, I trust that the racing’s likely to be improved,” said Grosjean.

“More fuel, yes, but are all the cars likely to have greater haul, because of wider wings?

“Then we’re definitely going to stay precisely the same situation on several grands prix.”

However he added:”I’ve no ground, no good argument why it couldn’t or might do the job.

“I actually don’t understand. We are going to see.”

Grosjean said it wasn’t feasible to draw conclusions from the simulation because”it is really a big gaming”.

“We’ve put it on, we’ve been running, we’ve seen what we had to see,” he said. “The next major step is to get the significance from the circuits, to see whether it’s actually real or not.”

Presenter Nicki Shields and Romain Grosjean, Haas F1 Team

Presenter Nicki Shields and , F1 Team


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