Champions City returned into the top of the Premier League after goals from Aymeric Laporte and Gabriel Jesus however the Goodison Park audience – that booed at the weekend – stayed onside.

“We’re all together and we will offer them exactly what they want and exactly what they deserve,” Silva said.

“The fans are so really excellent “

Wolves outplayed everton in a 3-1 defeat on Saturday but were a great deal more competitive against Pep Guardiola’s side.

Silva changed formation to 4-3-3 and left out big-money signings Richarlison and Gylfi Sigurdsson but saw his side concede from the other free-kick.

Laporte’s header has been that the 19th goal Everton have surrendered this season – more than any other side.

Silva said:”every thing was different compared to Wolves, I need to be fair. This must be our image for being a team.

“We must be consistent, it is a responsibility for people. We must truly have a want to acquire, an aggression, it really is what we have to accomplish every time against every team. You’ve got to respect every single team.

“we’re speaking about set-pieces each moment, it is more mental than some thing more.

“Ninety-nine per cent of teams in the Premier League shield in precisely the same manner as we when you’re so negative about some thing sometimes bad things come for you.”