ATLANTA — Each NFL player’s dream would be to get a Super Bowl, but Matt Ryan admitted achieving such a goal wasn’t at the forefront of his thoughts after he first entered the league.

Ryan, the No. 3 overall choice of the Atlanta Falcons from the 2008 draft, had been”a little naive” back regarding the chances of winning a name.

His mindset changed.

“I think after my novice year was the very first time that I considered this,” Ryan said. “We got to the playoffs, and we lost to the Cardinals. Subsequently a Cardinals went on to play the Steelers in the Super Bowl. That has been the very first time I was like,’Man, we played tough. I can accomplish this. We could achieve this.’

“You’ve the belief with the period. Ahead of this, you are not even thinking like that. Then I felt like,’All right, we’re right in the mix. We could achieve this.'”

That evasive title fuels him. He was named the league MVP in 20-16. He has won an NFC Championship. He signed up a deal worth $30 million each year and $100 million guaranteed in 2018. In the grand scheme, none of the accomplishments compare to having a Super Bowl title.

Ryan’s feelings haven’t changed since his rookie season.

“It’s the No. 1 goal for me,” Ryan said of winning a Super Bowl. “It’s the ultimate and what motivates me to escape bed daily and to attempt to put in the are hard as I can, to bring a championship to the city and to our organization. That is what it’s all about.”

Growing close is not great enough

Ryan will not spend a lot of time living on what happened in 2016 if the Falcons made a rush to Super Bowl LI only to dismiss off a 28-3 thirdquarter lead in a 34-28 overtime loss to the New England Patriots. That Exact Same year, after having a 44-21 victory within the Greenbaypackers in the NFC Championship Game, Ryan got a telephone from a yearlong Super Bowl champion quarterback.

“He called me that evening and said,’Hey, man, some help you require, if you will require anything, here’s how to schedule your week.’ He has been great to me personally .”

Ryan also has hauled with Tom Brady, now a six-time Super Bowl champ, on the years.

“He did not give much of a formula — only inviting.”

Ryan would love to be the one offering information to the others about. Most believed that the Falcons were Super Bowl contenders. The team placed six starters injured reserve, losing five of them to the growing summer season. The Falcons couldn’t fully recover from a start, a five-game losing series in December and November, or the ton of injuries, resulting in a 79 finish.

“It was really disappointing,” Ryan said. “The No. 1 thing was we’d chances to finish games multiple times through the entire year, and we just fell short with too many chances. Therefore that’s must be the No. 1 purpose of emphasis, within my head, moving forward, is finding ways in order to complete teams out. It may possibly be at various times across the games, but we have to find ways to finish.”


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