’s listing signing Miguel Almiron said his £20m move fee is a”honor” instead of the usual weight on his shoulders.

It beats the £16m they paid for Michael Owen in 2005, and broke the MLS transport record.

Asked about the fee he explained:”first of all I visit it being an honor. It’s a thing which I try not to cover too much attention to.”

He added:”It’s a thing which it secondary when it’s contrasted to me helping the team.

“As players of this team, United, that has so much history, that’s pressure by itself in terms of wanting to prosper.

“we all know what the fans demand of us, but it doesn’t disturb me too. I’m only going to focus on playing”

Even the 24-year-old has featured from the MLS team of this season for the previous two seasons and scored 13 goals as Atlanta won their first MLS Cup term.

He was one of just six players to record double figures to goals and assists (11) at the MLS in 2018.

He added:”It has been a fantasy of mine to ever come across in drama and and in the premierleague, I have had this in mind as the early days of my career.

“I feel I’m representing my country here, I’m pleased with the, also I hope to give a good account of myself and in my own country”


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