Highly-rated Scottish Super Welterweight Michael McGurk (11-0-KO3) is determined to shine to the MTK Global series in Glasgow on March 22 — live on iFL TV.

The former WBC world youth champion ended of this ring at November using the ring rust now gone with a clinical victory , he’s keen to prove himself among the fighters in the UK.

McGurk said: “I truly enjoyed getting back in the swing of things but I understand that performance can be improved on by me.

Also on the display are other talents such as David Brophy, Le Benson, Reece McFadden and Jack Turner.


Talented superlightweight Le Benson is prepared to produce 20-19 his after putting up with back-to-back controversial points defeats and filled up with excitement.

Scotland’s ‘Kid Caramel’ (10-2-KO2) was refused by Johnny Coyle and Tyrone McKenna in closing decisions but is confident of taking step back towards title fights when he returns the MTK Global series in Glasgow on March 22.

“nobody had seen that which I could do before my last fight and afterwards, people on networking were giving me a whole lot of respect. Everybody in the world knew what I placed online and that which I did.

As a standout amateur, names were won by Benson before turning pro in 2015 — winning his first 10 fights in the paid positions.


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