With two Community shields, three League Cups, an FA Cup and three titles, there is not much you’ll be able to teach Vincent Kompany about football at the highest level.

With more than 75 million album sales, 1 1 UK number 1 albums and eight UK number 1 singles worldwide, there is little Oasis star Noel Gallagher will not understand about music.

But how can we learn anything?

At a special meeting with Football Focus on mark 10th season and his season at City, Vincent met Noel to discuss a decade of drama, Oasis and football at Etihad Stadium.

Listed below are

Inch. Man City Quit on the title in 2012

Manchester City players at Emirates Stadium

The title success in 2012 of culminated in a few of the most memorable moments from history but there is a spot when Kompany’d lost all hope of finishing the club wait to become winners.

A loss to in April left City eight points.

“We threw in the towel once we dropped away,” explained Kompany. “The league was done.

“But we had this type of team mindset. We were fighting all the time because of the characters we had, which attracted out the best people for the past six games”

City, of course clawed their way back to lead the dining table moving into this season’s final match.

That set the scene for a few of their season finales the has produced, Sergio Aguero’s stoppage-time winner against QPR snatching the title away from United and sending hordes to the skies into delirium.

“That is as soon as that defined so much to this particular club,” added Kompany. “A lot of those players coming through today and now being in this environment need to thank that team and Kun [Aguero] specifically for this objective.”

Sad Manchester City fans after relegation in 1998

Those times seem a long way away today, together with City enticing fans and firmly one of the world’s elite.

But does this mean they are actually bigger than Oasis?

“I feel that is reasonable to say” explained Gallagher. “I was in Osaka, Japan last year for the very first match of this season and we only ambled into a pub and it was filled with Japanese Man Town fans. We were just like’wow, that can be the start of something’.

“It demonstrates that in the event you have the proper people involved at a club and you are quantified in what you do, you’ll make wonderful things happen.”

3. Watching City is much significantly more eloquent than playing in front of thousands

Noel Gallagher watching Manchester City at Wembley

From Glastonbury to through and Knebworth, Gallagher has performed at a Few of the biggest places on the planet in front of millions of lovers. But this really is nothing than watching his City.

“Seeing Town is significantly more eloquent,” explained Gallagher. “When I am doing my thing you’re in control. Once you’re watching City at the big, tense games they have been outside of your controller and anything could happen.”

4. Noel would preferably be a footballer compared to a rock star

Noel Gallagher performing on stage

Both perform week in, week out, in front of millions of adoring fans. Both revel in a lifestyle many people could only dream of and traveling the world playing in venues that are mythical.

But given the choice what would you rather be footballer or rock star?

“I have never met a musician, who is any good, who didn’t h to become a footballer,” explained Gallagher.

“Vinny represents an whole Town along with also an whole club. Of course, when he makes a mistake people’s weekends have been destroyed. For music it’s different, you’re part of someone’s out night, but you performing in front of big crowds.”

But could Noel preferably be a footballer?

“They’d probably earn significantly much more money than me today so I’d say “

5. Kompany is a Mancunian… nearly

Vincent Kompany lifts the Premier League trophy

Last summer, 10 years was declared by kompany at City. His birth from Anderlecht and the take over of this team collaborated together by Sheikh Mansour; a defining moment in football that transformed City into one of the planet’s most powerful football clubs.

Kompany hosted a dinner at a Manchester hotel this past week, to mark his testimonial year. As well as observing his decade the event raised money for Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s’A Bed Each Night’ initiative, which is currently trying to tackle the issue of homelessness.

Kompany says this is a cause to offer something back to a city that has adopted him.

“I am an adopted Mancunian,” said the 32-year-old. “This city is continuing to grow on me. I have a wife from Manchester and have three kids who believe they are more Mancuniuan than anything else, which is!

“It is correct me in day one and the golf team, where it is today, it’s incredible to have been part of this travel.

“I believe that this place is able to do wonders when they pull together and that I want to raise as much funds as I will to tackle the issue of homelessness from Manchester.”


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