The event will take place at 3pm UK at the Grove factory of the team outlet.

Even though this week that the FIA showed a formal entry list that called it just as Racing, ” the team said that it is revealing a name partner, with a spokesperson from the company concerned emerging along with , and George Russell.

A social networking post announcing that the launch comprised a flash image of a car, however it wasn’t clear whether it was the 20-19 design.


The livery should comprise sponsorship.

The name venture slot is available after Martini’s contract came to an end in 2018, and a projected deal with Rich Energy failed to materialise following a last minute switch was made by the energy drink company to .

The team has been going to be called Rich Energy.

Traditionally if testing starts has chosen to show its true car just, and the FW42 is un likely until the test kicks off on Monday February 18th, to be seen in people.

F1’s key pre-season dates far:

February 7  livery reveal

February 1 1   launching

February 1 1   livery launch

February 1-2   launching

February 13  launch/ launch/shakedown, launching

February 1-5   launching

February 18 Sauber launching

February 1821  First pre-season test

February 26-March Inch  2nd pre-season test