2018 finalists Athens Carry on title Pursuit in Israel

Last week, A. E. K. Athens reached the final of this Mene’s Challenge Cup, where they were conquered by n side AHC Potaissa Turda.

In 2013, Turda are not thus a brand new winner is going to have can be found. No wonder Athens are currently dreaming about winning the title this time.

The team have eradicated Bregenz out of Austria, also this weekend, they travel to Israel for the very first leg of their Last 16 tie against AS SGS Ramhat Hashron.

This way, Ramhat Hashron’s best.

High aspirations

ØIF Arendal lost the guide in the league through a surprising 30:24 away defeat to BK Halden. The team from Southern desire to return to winning ways against Dynamo-Victor after receiving the team from Russian Stavropol to the very first leg of the previous 16 Saturday day.

As the feminine team of Femina Vise are attempting to reach the quarter final of their Women’s Challenge Cup this weekend in a doubleheader against Swedish Kristianstad Handboll, the men from from H C Vise BM are beginning their attempt to accomplish the identical achievement far from home.

The Belgian club is currently definitely going to Belarus to the initial leg against HC Masheka, who come in a an Cup competition for the first time in seven years. Vise come from the process Cup for the fifth time in a row, with three 16 berths because their finest achievements so far.

In order to make it a step farther, they will need to escape a defeat at the Sport Sophisticated Olympiets Mogilev Sunday day.

Celebrating maiden season in

There is also one doubleheaders that weekend, even in the Hall Omnisport in Crauthem, Luxembourg. HC Berchem are currently now hosting two matches against Dicken out of Finland on Saturday and Sunday.

While H C Berchem have an extended an heritage, Dicken are celebrating their maiden season in this past year. In Finland, Dicken stand in the shadow of Riihimäen Cocks, who win the championship season after year and who were in the VELUX EHF Group Phase in 2013.

Now, Helsinki-based Dicken have the opportunity of making their own mark.


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