Quarterback Baker Mayfield said Wednesday night the hype about 2019 is justified, and also the team’s newest coordinators both said they chose to come to Cleveland due to the Browns’ situation.

“This was the very first place I wished to emerge,” defensive coordinator Steve Wilks said Thursday.

“I felt as I always wished to be part of this moving forward.”

Mayfield’s attitude in regards to the approaching season came at an announcement he made about the group most exciting triumph of 2018:”It must not be that the whole town goes mad over one win to a Thursday.”

He referred to this party that followed the Browns’ victory over the New York Jets on Thursday at Week a triumph that ended his own 19-game losing streak. Mayfield knew the reaction, but he has his sights set on bigger aims — and he’s not scared to place them at the Super Bowl.

“If (fans) weren’t excited,” he said,”I presume they’d be sort of blind to what is happening. The excitement’s real plus it ought to be.”

It reflects a significant step for a team that went winless and won one match in 2016 and 2017 for a team that struggled to find any type of reliability or continuity through 20 17. However, it’s really tangible, and it’s real, and your expectations are not being shrugged off by Mayfield. The Browns ended 2018 with the biggest 1 season turnaround in team record, with a precise answer at quarterback and with improving young players across the roster — emphasized by Pro Bowlers Joel Bitonio, Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward.

Monken interviewed to be the head coach in Green Bay and New York with the Jets, and also he had additional chances as coordinator. He chose the Browns, just before interviewing even though he hadn’t ever met new coach Freddie Kitchens or manager John Dorsey, and , though Monken knew Kitchens could be calling.

“To me personally, it is pretty simple. I have always chosen places based on the people and also the opportunity to triumph — I presumed that together with the decisions I have made in the past,” Monken explained.

Wilks hit the one primary reason why the Cleveland needle is pointing up.

“You can’t win in this league if you don’t have a quarterback, and we’ve got a quarterback,” he explained. “Not only do we have you, we’ve one I think to be from my analyzing and also what I learned from him taken from college is he is a alpha man. He affects not just the offensive side of the ball but this team, and that was very attractive coming “

Games aren’t won by excitement. The Browns are masterful in proving that. But this off season the energetic alters. And quarterback is ready for big things.

“That’s our goal, to establish our expectations and meet that hype,” Mayfield said. “However, it’s our own hype that we’re building up. We’ve shown what we could do occasionally, but we will need to be consistent and we will need to win more games, that’s just basically and that’s competing for its division and also the playoffs each year.”