BEREA, Ohio — The optimism system is in overdrive for the 20-19 Cleveland Browns, and not one of the flaws involved are concealing out of it.

Quarter back Baker Mayfield said Wednesday night that the hype concerning 20-19 is warranted, and the team’s fresh coordinators both said they chose to come to Cleveland due to their Browns’ situation.

“This was the very first place I wanted to come,” defensive coordinator said Thursday.

“It felt right,” offensive coordinator Todd Monken stated. “I felt like I wanted to be part of the moving forwards.”

Mayfield’s attitude about the upcoming season came at an announcement he made in regards to the group most exciting win of 2018:”It must not be the the whole town goes crazy over a win to a Thursday.”

He called this party that followed that the Browns’ victory over the nyc Jets on Thursday at Week a win which ended his own 19-game losing series. He just has his sights set on bigger goals — and he is not reluctant to place them at the superbowl, although mayfield knew the reaction.

“In case (fans) weren’t excited,” he said,”I presume they’d be sort of blind to what’s going on. The excitement is real and it ought to be.”

It represents a step for a team which went winless in 20 17 and won a single match in 2016 and 2017 united. However, it’s real, and it’s tangible, and Mayfield is not shrugging off your expectations. The Browns ended 2018 with the biggest a single season turn around in team history, with a definite answer at quarterback with advancing young players across the roster — emphasized by Professional Bowlers Joel Bitonio, Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward.

Monken believed to be with the Jets and the head coach in Green Bay, and also he had other opportunities as planner. He chose that the Browns, prior to interviewing even though he hadn’t ever met fresh trainer or general director , and though Monken knew Kitchens will be calling .

“For me personally, it’s pretty simple. I’ve always chosen places dependent on the people and the opportunity to win — I thought that with the conclusions I’ve made in the past,” Monken stated.

Wilks hit the sole reason why the Cleveland needle is pointing up.

“You can’t win in this group if you don’t have a quarterback, also we have a quarterback,” he said. “Not only do we possess one, we have one that I consider to be out of my studying and what I learned out of him coming out of college is he could be a alpha man. He changes not just the offensive side of the ball this particular team, and which was very attractive coming here.”

Games aren’t won by hype and off season excitement. The Browns are masterful in demonstrating that the years that were previous. However, this off season the quarterback’s existence changes the dynamic. And that dynamic quarterback is ready for things.

“That’s our goal, to set our expectations and surpass this hype,” Mayfield said. “But it’s our personal hype which we’re building up. We’ve shown what we could do sometimes, but we need to be more consistent and we need to win more games, that is just basically and that is competing for the division and the play offs every year.”


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