Price, 3-5, will probably be looking to grab his second successive victory after defeating journeyman Tom Little (10-7, 3 KOs) with way of a third party round knock out last December at the O2 Arena at London, UK.

This is really a struggle that both ’8″ Price hopes will require him to a bigger struggle. Price isn’t expression it, but he would obviously love to find a world title shot against winner or WBC winner . Price’s problems at the past six years of his career would preclude him getting a title shot against Wilder or Joshua as of this time. However, if Cost can beat on enough of these guys that Matchroom promoter puts in front of him, he can get a title shot against one of those . It would take a miracle though. His career has gone into a herky-jerky style with him winning two or three fights, and getting knocked out by the likes of Christian Hammer, Sergey Kuzmin,” Alexander Povetkin and Erkan Teper.

Price is knowledgeable about the 27-year-old Kash Ali, having sparred with him. Ali was beating journeyman level fighters since he turned pro eight years back. Ali was a pro for that point, but his career has gone to the idea where he’s perhaps maybe not improved beyond the journeyman stage. Even though Cost isn’t that kind of fighter, then you can argue that’s virtually that he could be at this stage of his career. Listed below are the fighters which Kash has beaten recently:


Lee Carter

David Howe

Hari Miles

Paul Butlin

Kamil Sokolowski

Lukas Skirca

Luke Martin


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