Adam Gase’s new training team together using the ny Jets contains enough potential household drama for a reality tv program.

The staff, announced by the Jets, includes Gase’s fatherinlaw longtime assistant Joe Vitt, and Blake .

This is the point where it gets interesting.

Vitt along with Gregg were members of this New Orleans Saints training team implicated in the 2012 BountyGate scandal. In the school hearings, conducted by commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Vitt accused of lying on his testimony .

Vitt also said the players didn’t simply take seriously because of the”false bravado” and also”schtick.”

wound up being suspended indefinitely (then reinstated 1-1 months later), while Vitt received a six-game ban. And they’re together on Gase’s very first team.

Gase saw plenty of his season. Gase coached the Miami Dolphins while Vitt worked at the front office while the team’s director of player progress.

Despite having no desktop using , Gase hired him Jan. 15 because he wanted someone who will function as”head coach” of the defense. , famous for his competitive strategy and edgy coaching style, went 5-3 last season as the interim coach of this Cleveland Browns.

Blake , who served as the Browns’ linebackers coach and called the defensive plays over the next half the growing season.

Initially, Gase balked based on a person. Gregg , who formerly called his son”the greatest young coach I have had on my staff,” became frustrated with Gase, the man said.

Gase came making Blake a defensive assistant, maybe not really just a position coach.

34, blake , has a reputation for rubbing people the wrong way. Like a St. Louis Rams assistant, he upset people in the organization by screaming at a draft possibility in a scouting-combine interview, a source said. He also was reprimanded multiple times for sitting in the seat on the staff bus; he maintained sitting at a seat.

He was fired by the Rams following the 2013 season. has only worked for teams at.

The Jets also announced the hiring of 16 other assistants, most notably former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator , who will coach the springs.