Newton says on his newest YouTube station that critics indicating that they’ve seen”the most useful of Cam Newton” can make him dangerous than everbefore.

However there are not any guarantees.

Bear in mind, Newton was considered to be healthy as he’s been in years entering season, and six matches began experiencing soreness at the shoulder that originally was repaired surgically prior to the 20 17 season. He had been ineffective down the stretch, declaring he couldn’t throw a lot more than 30 yards, that the Panthers closed him down.

So while what appears to be trending in a positive direction to your 2015 MVP, the Panthers have to get prepared for any what-ifs.

Detecting a veteran cop who will take repetitions throughout the offseason while Newton is rehabbing and who’d be available if there be a setback.

The single quarterback under contract is Kyle Allen, a second-year, undrafted player who started that the 2018 finale against New Orleans and helped the Panthers end a seven-game losing series. Though Allen looked good from the Saints, completing 16 of 27 pass attempts for 228 yards and two touchdowns he is still a job.

Taylor Heinicke, who were only available in Week 16, is actually just a free agent with potential. But he is coming off surgery to fix a torn waist and in addition is somewhat of a job even though he has experience in Norv Turner’s offense.

The Panthers will use a draft pick on a quarterback in an attempt to locate a replacement Newton, who turns 30 in May.

However, what they don’t have is an experienced player — just like they once had in Derek Anderson (2011-17) — a person they are convinced can intervene and win if Newton isn’t offered.

The free-agent quarterback class of this year isn’t great beyond the handful candidates, and those players are on the lookout for starting jobs.

Here’s what the Panthers likely are looking at:

Not occurring

Nick Foles, 30, : The Super Bowl MVP after 2017 season paid the Eagles $2 million to void his 2019 option year. He will either become a free agent or will franchise him and trade him to a team. The Panthers are not looking for a beginner.

Teddy Bridgewater, 27, New Orleans: He would be ideal since he played Turner in Minnesota. The 2 were in 2015. However, Bridgewater wants to be the newcomer and the Saints likely is going to do what they could to maintain him as Drew Brees‘ long-term replacement. Or Bridgewater goes to some other team having a beginner.

Worth kicking the tires

A personal accident in Week 3 after which the emergence of Baker Mayfield cost him the starting job with the Browns last season, however there is enough up side that he could possibly be the sort of security blanket that the Panthers hunt.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, 3 6, Tampa Bay: He is much like Derek Anderson in that he is definitely an older veteran who can win. He played well enough at Tampa Bay a year that he left the nick name”Fitzmagic.” He threw four touchdown passes in a 42-28 loss at Carolina in October. A hit for the Panthers because of his age.

Even a 2012 second-round pick out of Arizona State, he is still young. If he replaced an during the summer that the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 27, he showed potential.

He is 13-11 as a starter with 30 touchdowns into 24 interceptions. He didn’t play with a down with Minnesota last season but he is experienced enough to triumph today and young enough to build up.

Mark Sanchez, 3 2, Washington: He is 37-36 as a starter and led the New York Jets into two AFC title matches. He is at some stage in his career after he likely would settle for a function. Truth has been a concern. He has a livelihood 56.6 conclusion percentage. However, Newton had a livelihood percentage of 58.5 until Turner got him to 67.9 last season.

Sean Mannion, 27, la Rams: This would be equally as a job. He lost that particular one and has one start. However he is at , played like Anderson and, just a 2015 third-round pick.

No thank you

Matt Cassel, 3 6, Detroit: He’s got the experience with 7 3 starts. He has postseason experience with one start for Kansas City at 2010 when he had been 10-5 throughout the normal season. However he has started the previous few seasons and has been 1 6 as a beginner at Dallas at 2015.

Robert Griffin III, 29, : ESPN actually had him rated higher than Newton after the 2012 season by which Griffin led Washington into the playoffs as a beginner. He hasn’t been the same as because of knee and ankle injuries.

Geno Smith, 28, N.Y. Giants: He is still young and contains 3-1 starts, however only 12 of the were wins and he has pitched 3 6 selections to 29 touchdowns.

Joe Webb, 3 2, Houston: He had been with the Panthers out of 2014 into’16 but played mostly wide receiver and special teams. He has completed only two passes before seven seasons.

Josh McCown, 39, N.Y. Jets: He will be 40 in July and has a career record of 23-53.


Colinkaepernick, 3 1: He is interesting. The Panthers Founded last year on safety Eric Reid, who like Kaepernick has a collusion grievance from the because teams wouldn’t sign them after they began kneeling throughout the national anthem from 2016 to protest social injustice. Reid paid down that the Panthers would like to resign him. While signing Kaepernick would cause a long time and are a diversion at first, the ability together with Reid shows owner David Tepper is ready to take chances. Kaepernick has been 28 30 in helping the 49ers hit the Super Bowl at 2012 and 12-4 with a trip to the NFC title game in 30, 52, as a beginner. Kaepernick will have a solid ally, In case Carolina re signs Reid.

Keeping alternatives open

Former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco (Ravens) and Ryan Tannehill () could be discharged or exchanged at a certain point. Flacco, 3 4 , likely is looking for a place to get started. He has started all 16-3 matches in which he’s played as 2008. Tannehill, 30, has 42 wins and contains completed 62.8 percent of his passes. When there is any doubt Newton might not be ready, they would be potential win-now options when surrounded with a good supporting castas well as the Panthers have that using Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and Greg Olsen.


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