Entering the cage to the first time for you to compete is already enough pressure for almost any fighter to need to over come, but becoming ready to an Octagon introduction actually became a form of therapy to get ian flyweight Raulian Paiva in front of 2 3 4.

Yet, his world turned down just a few months after his success aired on tv in .

struck by a car, an incident that left Alves in coma for seven weeks before passing out .

The was intending on setting Paiva’therefore introduction for but pushed his fight after the dreadful incident. The ian flyweight will finally enter the eight-sided cage to the first time on Feb. 9, and he also treated his camp because of his UFC 234 fight against Kai Kara France for a means to try and create normalcy back in to his lifetime.

“both the camp and the fight kind of a therapy for me,” MMA Fighting was told by Paiva. “I was quite anxious to create my introduction right however, [not ] happened. I have a fight in the front of me therefore let’therefore do it. ”

For Paiva, who designed a special mouth-guard with his late girlfriend’s name for 2 3 4 onto it, being besieged by friends in the gymnasium left his situations a little more easy. Back in October, he told MMA Fighting he believed retiring from the sport after Alves’ passing.

“I feel focused today. He only made the top 15 of the flyweight division, therefore that motivates me even more to move there and triumph therefore I will simply take his position. ”

The has been already releasing flyweights over the past few months, and the division’s fate remains unclear.


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