It is an unenviable job to write a set of the best Ray French comment moments. Everybody else will have their particular preferred.

Whether you remember running round the park faking to be Ellery Hanley or”bright, chunky chappie” Andy Gregory using a commentary line in mind, or sitting around it with the family watching the process Cup final – Ray provided the sound track to some of the all-time amazing moments.

‘Frenchy’, that wore the colours of britain, Widnes and St Helens before retiring from acting, has finally brought an end to a commentary career that started at Radio Merseyside from the 1970s, saw him get to be the voice of , also lasted right up to the 2018 season.

This list isn’t so much a definitive guide to the most notable moments from the wonderful career of Ray behind the mike a starting point stimulate and to generate memories.

Inform us your own favorites.

Inch: topples

1994 – Great Britain 8-4

, the best stage of them all. Where Davies to light the blue touch paper to the 1994 Test series than the Empire Stadium, against Bob Fulton’s Kangaroos?

The amphitheatre was a location that is special, and also 50,000-odd folks rocked its own crumbling foundations.

Taking a pass the star skipped past a Bradley Clyde, through a defence that was dogleg and zipped to score beyond the Brett Mullins.

Ray’s commentary was equally volatile. “He has some distance… he’s going to your corner, he has his head back…”

The tone keeps rising, the amount soars.

This absolutely had been Ray French’s speciality . Sheer, unadulterated excitement.

2. The best Challenge Cup final ?

1985 – Wigan 28-24 Hull FC

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A contest would be an proper method to describe that the 1985 Challenge Cup final. So therefore many superstars, many plotlines and so lots of points.

Brett Kenny, Shaun Edwards, Henderson Gill, John’Chicka’ Ferguson -“they could measure on a threepenny piece this lad” – and – skipper Graeme West were at the Wigan side that divides into a seemingly unassailable lead.

Hull fearlessly fought back, with all celebrities of their own such as Peter Sterling and Ki Gary Kemble, Dane O’Hara, Fred Ah Kuoi and double-try-scorer James Leuluai conjuring up magical, prompting French roar:”We believed if Hull can do it, and here they have been showing us!”

“That was a cracker of a match, no question,” French told that the 5 live championship podcast. “It wasn’t only the scoreline, it had been the attempts that were drama, there were some real beauties.”


When it comes to Challenge Cup final moments, few can fit Martin Ofh’s try from the 1994 epic against Leeds. It had been good, it had been immortalised from the Challenge Cup statue.

Just like a afterburning fighter-jet, Ofh set off on a punishingly scorching afternoon at the capital, on a pitch it looked like a carpet, racing Alan Tait to the exterior to open the.

It attracted us the most iconic image of Ofh on his knees, apparently overcome by the action of scoring such a wonderful try, and French delivered the pay off:”That has to rank among the finest seen with this ground. This guy, the world’s most deadly try-scorer.”

It highlighted Ray’s power to rise to the major occasion, and place path with the Cherry and Whites for a seventh Challenge Cup victory.

“I was absolutely flabbergasted when he got there, but he had been a wingman, there isn’t any question,” French remembered.

“Whenever he got the ball in his hands you proceeded up (in your chair ), and you might have that the crowd increasing up wondering what was about to occur.

“the thing that was classic about it had been Martin consistently had the pace to beat people on the exterior, and also a wingman who is able to defeat a guy with a big change of pace externally is always going to be world .”

4. Goulding’s Master Class and also a Hunter-Paul Hattrick

1996 – St Helens 40-32 Bradford

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There are only a not many games that stir the memories of Ray French’s opinion more than that particular cup final from 1996, when St Helens and Bradford presented a modern classic (well, kind of modern anyway) under the old Twin Towers.

A crowd Sun shine and 2 sides pitted against one another.

Amazing commentators seem to grow with the occasion, whilst allowing the delight to shine 18, retaining control.

This match proved to be a classic case. It had it all, ebb and flow; a Challenge Cup hattrick for losing finalist Robbie Hunter-Paul and also a oneman kicking at master class out of Bobbie Goulding.

Do not take my word for this. Watch it now. Great.

5. Ellery Hanley shines at Headingley

1983 – Bradford 6-11 Featherstone

Ellery Hanley demonstrated why he would turn into one of the greatest players in the Earth, the afternoon he chased down the Headingley touchline at Bradford Northern’s 1983 Challenge Cup semi-final defeat.

The try of hanley had all the ingredients; pace, deception and acceleration as he hurried away from the Rovers cover.

It was complemented by ray’s commentary brightly, explaining precisely what everyone was thinking and allowing the images to breathe.

“He is still moving… and he’s still moving! Goodness, gracious me! This really is just one of the attempts of this season! Exactly what an attempt to Ellery Hanley.”

Excellent try.

6. After Eagles dared

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Ray French was recorded as saying Sheffield Eagles hadn’t any possibility of winning later that year, against a hotly-tipped Wigan side of 1998 that would acquire the inaugural Super League Grand Final in 1998.

How wrong he had been, as Nick Pinkney, Paul Broadbent, Lance Todd winner Mark Aston and Jonny Lawless guided the South Yorkshire club that is unfancied coached by the cup master John Kear – .

Wigan’s side comprised Henry Paul, Denis Betts – the list continues, but they were defeated.

Like Pinkney and Darren Turner scored the attempts to vanquish the Warriors french’s voice broke up at the excitement. “They’ve established history,” he roared at fulltime.

Looking back on that match, he explained:”up to three or four minutes before time, I really couldn’t envisage Wigan losing. And I thought -‘Ray, that is not going to occur, Sheffield are likely to get this match’.

“The outcome was quite shocking, and also that which a success for those players.”

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