20-19 Six Nations: Scotland v Ireland
Venue: Murrayfield Date: Saturday, 9 February Kick off: 14:15 GMT

Rory Best says Ireland will not abandon the kind of play that’s helped them climb to second in the world rankings.

The Ireland captain, 3 6, has encouraged his team to”stand tighter” to their system because they make an effort to react to their Nations opening around loss to England.

The heavy defeat has led to questions on the team’s tactics in front of their match against Scotland.

“We dropped down a week but it cann’t mean we throw out everything and endeavor to begin again,” argued Finest.

“We have built a lot of things throughout the last number of years and it is at times like this when the pressure happens you have to stick tighter from what you understand and ask a little bit more out of the players separately to produce something a little more collectively.

“We have a few players coming from that did not play last week and they’ll be looking to make a point they should have been included.

“We’ll have to make certain we all get our things right as we produce something similar then Scotland certainly are a excellent team, which they demonstrated us recently here 2 yrs ago.”

Frustration from the Irish camp

Ireland have enjoyed an era of unprecedented success under head coach , winning three six-nations names in five years including a Grand Slam win last season, since they’ve risen up to second place in the world order supporting winners New Zealand.

But critics of their team’s style of play – described last year by England head coach as’kick and clap’ – possess accused of being over-reliant on the game and of lacking a clear Ireland Plan B.

Schmidt says his team uses a “very varied game” in response to proposals that their approach is onedimensional, and Finest considers it was a lack of accuracy and physicality as opposed to tactics which price them against England.

“There is a lot of frustration at the camp after a week and it was a bit about the way that individuals were considered to be bullied, but it was mostly about our precision,” said Best.

“We felt that to get into the game we need to be accurate, and that comes together with physicality for all of people as it permits us to find phases, conveys and ruck cleans and it brings us outside of our half and it allows us to attack a little more from defence.

“So the accuracy last week was that the thing which we felt allowed us down probably the maximum.”

In a reaction to the criticism of their own style, the Ireland skipper added:”People say things and it wasn’t long ago we kicked too much and we probably became predictable because we did not kick enough last week.

“We’re quite happy with the process that we’re going right through and you get days where you’re nearly at which you h to be.

“We have probably played worse than that and managed to win games and address which, be troubled and continue on the next week and function better.

“We weren’t fantastic against Argentina [in November] but we’re able to do enough to win this game. And England, to their credit, took every opportunity they generated themselves and that we presented in their mind and it simply did not allow us to survive in those difficult moments to try to receive an outcome as a result .”

IE]>Joe Schmidt in training with Ireland

‘There wasn’t any hype in coaching’

Schmidt confessed he had identified that a deficiency of otional energy’ from the dressing room before the England game, which the coaches and players also have attempted to deal with this week in practice.

Best, with the main benefit of hind sight, has also accepted that the squad had a sluggish start to the defence of the name.

“Joe probably has a better handle that from beyond the bunch when we’re executing the captain’s conduct but undoubtedly before the game I thought we were quite silent,” he confessed.

“We’re a reasonably silent bunch any way, bar Peter (O’Mahony), Johnny (Sexton) and myself who are a wee bit more outspoken than the others, but it is a silent group.

“you do not always necessarily read into the quietness but whenever you look back now, I thought we were only just a small bit reluctant from the warm-up – we left a couple of mistakes at the warm-up too, which is unlike usand we simply did not get the same buzz that people’d normally generate at warm ups.


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