Saavedra got off to an easy start with a first round knock down that captured Hernandez from surprise. Saavedra, that traveled from San Luis Potosi, Mex., was true on the offensive and his counter hitting ability.

Hernandez never seen a comfortable zone. His efforts to lower the distance were often stymied by way of a Saavedra jab or even combination that battered the Hernandez. Saavedra had been in control from start to finish and it showed from the scorecards. As the 2 others scored it 78-73 one judge had it 79-72.

Torres was clearly the fighter, because he won large shots from the jump and moved .

Torres used his hands rate to mix his punch angles up, throughout what turned out to be a fight, thoroughly confusing Brown. Torres, who is currently studying communications acquired strong punches from the second round for Brown’so corner to reevaluate the struggle off.


Lightweight George Acosta (7-0, 1 KO) of Whittier, Calif. cruised to a unanimous decision win over Guadalupe Arroyo (3 15 ) of Huntington Beach, Calif.. Acosta, that held that a height and reach advantage, peppered Arroyo all through the four-round struggle having a jab.

Acosta and a struggle that was technical fought by countering effectively when maybe perhaps not pressing the activity and working his jab . Arroyo never looked in rhythm and fought to discover angles against the Acosta that was far more active.

40-36, against the scorecards would sweep.

Brewart penalized Reyes at the first round with a human body that was pinpoint shot that Reyes that was forced to take a knee. In the 2nd, Brewart hooks to the body and directly rights. For the knockout punch, Brewart showed some patience and uncorked a flush right hand to the chin that sent Reyes level on his rear.

The knockout happened at the 1:58 mark.

By landing a formidable combination that will set the platform for his stoppage triumph ruiz started the 2nd round. Ahumada was stalked by him and rocked him with a left hook to the chin that buzzed the Ahumada. Ruiz was going to attempt an combination when referee Raul Caiz, Jr. called the competition at the:49 mark.


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