Kuban and Nyk & oslash; bing had another chance on Saturday, but used them differently, after lost opportunities to reserve a ticket every week.

While Kuban’s draw at Larvik leaves the question of their progression available before Sunday, Nykøbing had a prosperous vessel to Croatia and certainly will get ready for its next round.

  • Esbjerg finished top of Group A with 11 points
  • Larvik and Kuban both played without their “average ” head trainers
  • Each four Danish teams are currently Through the quarter-final

Both teams had secured their own quarterfinal spots to go, yet their last places inside the group had not been determined. A victory in the clash would see Storhamar climbing to the top position, nonetheless it was Esbjerg who ended the group phase unbeaten and took the top hand.

Storhamar, who played with Heidi Loke, Moa Fredriksson and Gabriella Juhasz, pulled at the opening moments in front 3:0. Esbjerg attracted flat at 4:4, and also the Danish team had a small advantage at the rest.

As a result of fast counterattacks, the hosts pulled transparent in 19:12 early in the 2nd half, and the game looked all but decided. Yet in fact it was not, as Storhamar came back following a 5:0 run and so were two goals behind with 10 minutes to go.

Esbjerg maintained their guts and proceeded on to clinch a victory. Estavana Polman has been their top scorer with eight goals, while Betina Riegelhuth scored just as much for Storhamar.

A triumph at Larvik would have secured Kuban’s development, but their fate is in rsquo & Besancon ;s handson. A home win on Sunday against group leaders while any result is favourable for the side Viborg may observe that the team .

Larvik, that also had a chance to get a berth have to bid farewell to the EHF Cup.

Larvik and their first game played under the interim coach Lene Rantala, that took over this week after Geir Oustorp&rsquo. With no magnetic Evgenii Trefilov, who’d been hospitalised because of heart issues, Kuban travelled in their turn.

Under his assistant Denis Saifulin, the people nonetheless improved their match, had a beginning and went ahead at the rest.

In 16:12, Kuban hauled clear by the minute, but rsquo & Larvik;s goal keeper until her team mates added four more to shoot a 17:16 lead, Guro Rundbraten subsequently scored a goal.

It was a tense match before very last moments, and following a series of mistakes by either side, Mathilde Rivas Toft managed to get 23:22 for those hosts 25 seconds from the buzzer until Kuban’s right wing Diana Golub drew flat with five seconds to go.

H-C Podravka Vegeta (CRO) Compared to Nykøbing Falster Handbold (DEN) 25:28 (11:14)

The second-placed Nyk & oslash; bing had a draw to seal a spot while Podravka had secured the top position in Group D. They jumped at the chance, joining fellow Danish teams Viborg Esbjerg and Herning-Ikast from the quarterfinal.

Laerke Nolsoe Pedersen and Dione Housheer shone for oslash & Nyk ;bing, ending up with eight different goals each. Pedersen&rsquo impact was advantageous at the match — there were doubts regarding the effect as the visitors led 26:24, but then two aims by the wing removed all of questions with two moments two go.

It was a close game, nonetheless Nykøbing had. Taking the initiative at the first half, they proceeded onto control after the break and ultimately took revenge for your home defeat at the opposite fixture (28:24).

Nykobing finish 2nd at the group with seven points making rsquo & Sunday;s game between Bera and Craiova Bera basically useless.


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