Four people have been detained after two men were abandoned needing hospital treatment after a struggle near the scene of Watford Football Club.

The guys continued bruises and facial cuts, according to police.

Officers have been called at approximately 17:10 GMT Following a finish of Watford’s game.

Hertfordshire Constabulary reported the injured men were taken to hospital”to get additional assessment”.

Watford supporter Le, 3-1, who didn’t need to provide his full name, told the Press Association he”heard lots of shouting” as he abandoned the football ground and”visited take a look”.

He said he saw”that a Watford fan lying on a floor, apparently unconscious, with blood in his face” and”three fans running from the scene towards town centre”.

He added that individuals gathered round the wounded man”were crying and yelling for people to help and call an ambulance”.

A video posted on Twitter shows people gathered across someone lying on a floor whereas an onlooker calls out”coward”.

BBC reporter Rick Kelsey said two Watford buffs were seen by him on the ground.

Back in January, supporters were included in a brawl earlier after an FA Cup game against Millwall at London,that the Met Police referred to as”a number of the most shocking football violence seen for a time”.

One person was left with a”life-changing” scar once he was slashed across the face area.

On Tuesday, there was a person detained on suspicion of wounding with intent, attempted grievous bodily harm, and disease.


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