Cancio knocked the heavy favorite Machado, 28, down three times in around 4 before the referee Raul Caiz Jr. stepped and waived it off. The time of the stoppage was 2:16 of round 4.

made an error at choosing Cancio for his or her fighter Machado to make a voluntary shield against instead of somebody dangerous. You’t have to respect for picking out a live dog for Machado to manage GoldenBoy, however when they had a opportunity to do this on wouldn’t have needed Machado face Cancio. This move blew up in Golden Boy’s face. However, they likely made sure Manchado needed a rematch clause in the contract so he is able to face him at the next struggle if he managed to get rid of. The way that Machado lost tonight s uncertain whether the outcome could be different in a second struggle between the two of these.

As nothing in his own background of the ace career would indicate he would pull an upset like that, It was a win that is shocking by Cancio. Gonzalez was a journeyman, and he overcome on Cancio.

“I could ’t believe it. I knew he had been a hard cookie,” Cancio said after the struggle about Machado. “I’m very lucky. I know my ability. I knew I was doubted by everybody. The critics that said, ‘Cancio has no opportunity.’

press and the fans had a reason to uncertainty Cancio. He’d never beaten anyone of note, and he’s even lost to journeyman amount fighters in the past. There is nothing on Cancio’therefore restart that would suggest he could pull an upset like that.

“human anatomy, body, human body, is exactly what I was told by my trainer once I had been pumped,” Cancio reported. “It was a fluke knockdown. I listened for themattacked to the body. Dig, dig out and dig.

“Cancio could be your new champion. We’re very proud of him.


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