Asked if dealing together with Byron forced him feel 21 again, Knaus said: ldquo;Man, I’MA ways from that. A person told me he stated, ‘If I was young I used to really go to sleep tender and wake up feeling nice.  I go to sleep feeling nice and I wake up tender. ’ rsquo & there;s some facts to that. 

“But it’s put some wind in the sails without a doubt, you know.  The open eyes really are lots of fun In order around a group of men, seeing the eyes, that enthusiasm, and it’s going to be considered a wonderful time.

Byron’s pole was the fifth successive by way of a HMS driver in the 500. It has still remained the team Although HMS had struggled on the competition side in recent seasons.

“Plenty of hard labour and a great deal of effort from everyone at HMS to become in a position to do so,” Knaus reported. “The top four spots, rsquo & which;s.

“Should you go back and you take a look at our accredited efforts at the superspeedways the last handful of races, all of four of the cars are in a pretty tight box, also this ’SA pretty amazing thing to do.

Back in which he began

In many manners Knaus has found his career come full circle.

“The previous time I came with a fresh catalyst (Johnson), we sat on the pole.  Therefore it’s type of cool. It is. This is special for me personally,&rdquo.

“Now you understand , a lot of you people were back in the No. 2 4 days, in its youth, and also to be part of that and also become in a position to keep coming back as crew chief of the No. 24 car and qualify first for the Daytona 500 is just an great dream for me personally.