At an effort to level the playing field between the drivers that were bigger and smaller, f 1 has changed the way.

By the beginning of this season could have to get ballast added in to the cockpit part of the car to bring him up to the level.

The change means that drivers may build up muscles and may no longer have to be strict with their diet plans — since it will no longer place them at a disadvantage against competitions.

Speaking about the effects of the changes Grosjean joked: “Yeah, I may have overdone it!

“I Have been 180cm and 69kg for just seven or six decades, and I believe now with the freedom I might have gotten to a extra!  Therefore I am heading straight back on dietary plan. This was fun.

“But, it’s fantastic.  It’s far better with respect to health insurance and.  It is possible to see that you’re getting better and stronger and etc, but you still cannot be a body builder.

“I have put quite a piece of muscles on. I need to sweat off a piece for the first race but we’re going to be alright. I believe the regulation is a good move in the right direction, and it’s far nicer to live that way. ”

Apart from the Haas launching:

Grosjean’s Haas team mate Kevin Magnussen has also welcomed the fluctuations, even though he says he has never specially struggled to remain light.

“You don’ t if you don’t do it in the wrong way, & rdquo; clarified the Dane had & rsquo; t put 10kg of muscle on the 2 months we. 

“I believe I’t gained muscle but rsquo & we;re talking maybe a kilo or two from where I ended last season. This ’s perhaps not some thing you’d see massively. I don’t expect anybody to come in and look such as the [Incredible] Hulk.

If it is going to really make a difference in the races asked, Magnussen said: “I am . I’ve done training last year, t do that I didn &; rsquo and also the degree of the training has been more. I feel fit and ’SA feeling that is good. I look forward to engaging in the vehicle and visiting the results of the training I’ve done during the past couple of months.

“I’m none of those taller guys so I’ve never been in a circumstance where we’t heard other drivers have to fully starve themselves months since the team did a fresh floor which weighed a extra. I’ve ever been blessed in that respect. ”

Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team

Kevin Magnussen