Spain and Sweden Predominate Quarter Finals

While IFK Kristianstad are struggling to be eligible for the knockout stage of their VELUX , the ladies from the South Swedish town reach the quarter-final of their process Cup.

After eliminating side Femina Vise the ladies from Kristianstad Handboll, who reached the last eight years in their an season are prepared for the.

In the 2nd half , the traffic left without uncertainty and win 27:17, although the first 1 / 2 of their leg Saturday was equivalent, so the half time score being 9:9.

This was a deficit for the home team and Vise were not quite close to do this. Already at halftime, Kristianstad led 17:6, and at the 2nd half, the traffic went on to acquire 25:14.

After Boden qualified weekend, with the win, Kristianstad unite Boden Handboll IF at the quarterfinal.

Spain also with double rendering

Just like Sweden, 2 teams at the quarter finals will also represent Spain.

Rincon Fertilidad Malaga qualified last weekend, and that weekend, Rocasa gran-canaria followed them.

Rocasa, who won the contest at 2016 and who reached the final last season, were already 10 goals up against Turkey’after winning the first leg in home 38, s Ankara Yenimahalle BSK. They reserved the quarterfinal ticket with a 24:22 win at the return game on Sunday.

Ankara headed early on, but gran-canaria were flat in 10:10. The Spanish side removed the very last bit of uncertainty by taking an ancient lead following the break.

Quintus complete the Work

With two clubs meeting each other it had been a foregone conclusion that the Netherlands could be represented at the quarter-finals.

By half-time at the Eekhout Hal at Kwintsheul, Quintus were leading 11:5. In the 2nd half the home team took matters a little bit more but made sure of their success. Their 23:19 win means that they hit the quarter-finals for the next year in a row.

TEXT: Peter Bruun/jh


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