From February 7 to 10, Posada ran two courses designed to organize coaches and teachers for the requirements of educating and training the others in beach hand ball.


The 2 courses were created for participants of different professional and beach backgrounds. One was targeted in Physical Education instructors and the second was for coaches who attended the IHF courses run.


The course for teachers began with all the fundamentals, looking at the essentials of beach hand ball, the principles of this game, and the way to play attack and defence. More than 50 teachers took part, and Posada was delighted with the opportunity to introduce such a number into the discipline.


The high level course for coaches focused on the newest trends in international beach competitions, coaching tactics and physical preparation. The first course ran for those participants two decades ago.


The beach course was organised in joint collaboration between the Puerto Rican Federation, the Association of Barbados, and the Dominica Association.



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