A former Fifa executive performer has received his ban against football overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

Worawi Makudi, the former president of the Football Association of Thailand (Fat), has been banned for five years at 20-16 after Fifa said he committed”forgery and falsification”.

The allure committee of fifa reduced the banning into three-and-a-half decades but Makudi cautioned against that sentence.

The banning was cancelled by cas on Monday from all football-related tasks.

It said”on the basis of this evidence available” that Makudi, 67, did not infringe article 17 of their Fifa code of integrity -“forgery and falsification”.

The panel noted that Makudi presented”additional witnesses and also fresh advice” during the Cas event that wasn’t readily available to football’s world governing body during its analysis and also that the data”may have led in different conclusions”.

Makudi was fined 10,000 Ss francs (£7,743) at 2016 and found to have infringed article 41 -“obligation of the parties to collaborate”.

Cas affirmed that violation but said compared to Fifa’s integrity committee had mastered it had been to a smaller degree.

The weapon issued Makudi a reprimand and paid off his handsome into 5,000 Ss francs (£3,872).


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