Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards obtained a response from commissioner Roger Goodell into the sheriff’s letter expressing deep disappointment with the consequence of the NFC Championship Game, using a missed call that might have cost the Saints a trip into the Super Bowl.

“I fully understand your personal disappointment, and the disappointment and frustration of Saints fans around the country,” Goodell wrote at the letter. “Because you know, immediately following a game, our mind of officiating told Doctor Payton that a punishment ought to have been called on the play involved.

Goodell reported that league rules prevented him from overturning the result of the game, and he believed it could be wrong for him to do so.

He added that the league’s replay rules will likely be reviewed to ascertain if there must be no big change that will enable review of forecasts and no calls of penalties on the field.

Goodell said his answer into the sheriff’s Jan. 22 letter was delayed as it came at the league office after he had left for the Super Bowl at Atlanta.

Gov. Edwards released Goodell’s letter Monday, saying:”Although it’s cold comfort to saints fans, I applaud the commissioner’s willingness to examine that the officiating error closely to determine if similar errors can be avoided at the foreseeable long run through procedure or rule changes. I love his answer.

Oahu is the Louisiana solution to become more hospitable to guests, as I understand we will be once the Super Bowl next returns to New Orleans at 2024.”


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