A football player and refugee whose detention at Thailand sparked an outcry will be freed after Bahrain withdrew its extradition request, officials say.

Hakeem Al-Araibi,” who is just really a Bahraini citizen, fled Australia from 2014 and has been granted political asylum.

He had been detained on an Interpol notice requested by Bahrain in Bangkok at November. He had travelled into the Thai capital .

He had been sentenced to 10 years to get vandalising a police channel in absentia.

Al-Araibi, 25, denies the charges and also human rights activists say he would face torture if shipped back to Bahrain.

Highprofile footballers have taken up his case, together with celebrities including Didier Drogba and also Jamie Vardy calling for his release. Fifa, the Australian government along with other football bodies also have affirmed his case.

“This morning the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised us that Bahrain was no longer interested in this petition,” OAG foreign workplace leader Chatchom Akapin said.

Al-Araibi plays Pascoe Vale FC at Melbourne.