The boy of Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden was detained early Sunday morning and charged with being drunk in public places.

According to law enforcement report, Jack Gruden was detained at after some confrontations at a restaurant and pub district in Ashburn, Virginia, roughly five minutes from the Redskins’ centre.

The report stated that a deputy awakened a confrontation between the other man and Gruden. Gruden,” in accordance with the report, was then engaged with just two confrontations leading to his arrest. He’s a hearing scheduled for March 21.

Gruden, 22, has spent the last two seasons on the Redskins’ staff, first as a volunteer and then as a video helper this year.

Redskins senior vice president of communications Tony Wyllie said in an announcement,”We’re aware of the arrest of Jack Gruden. We’re gathering additional information and won’t comment until we have further specifics “