Almost 18 months will probably have passed by now Joseph Duffy yields into the Octagon at London to shoot on Marc Diakiese.

Even the UFC found an upgraded when his first competitor for its Australian date, Ross Pearson, was ruled from this competition, but later it was Duffy who was hit from the function with a knee injury.

Even the bout came as surprise.

“The Bonecrusher” appeared to have signed on the dotted line to fight long time adversary Stevie Ray at the English funding. A personal injury into the Scot left the door open for the Donegal native who was more than happy to carry rsquo & his own fellow Dominance Management fighter ;s place on the card.

“” I believe that the struggle with Stevie was paired up,” Duffy clarified on the latest bout of .

“Stevie got a personal injury and I’d been awaiting a romantic date for March. Clearly I got injured and that I was away from that Australia card, so that I sat tight. I had to recoup and be certain the rib was nice before I started exercising.

“that I was starting to get ready for March, simply awaiting a romantic date and From the beginning of January , I was on a diet. This was the date that is best. I didn’t even understand the competitor was likely to function, but I was lucky in a feeling that the struggle fell out because this season couldn & rsquo using Stevie;t work out for me. ”

“It was slow than anything,&rdquo. I couldn’t kick I really can just throw my right hand; I couldn’my jab is thrown by t even. Attempting to wrestle was…you r e therefore limited; know you & rsquo and it’s such a slow healing. I gave it six weeks also gave it the chance to heal because I’ve been outside for long and that I need to get back into the Octagon. ”

As a consequence of his time on the sidelines, Duffy asserts he’ll approach his London bout with Diakiese using a mindset that is fresh.

With this particular camp, I can’get in the Octagon and t even wait for around. My mindset has shifted in a manner; decks rsquo & aren ;t even smooth. You &rsquo famished, you’re completely fed up and you’r e figure is tired and also you can have everything wearing on your nerves,” he said.

“This time is a bit different, ” I ’m going to be sure I could appreciate it. I just want to relish every moment of struggle so when I get in there I’go in, m going to lap this up and appreciate every minute. ”

Diakiese’s skid dictates his conflict with Duffy is a. The Tristar fighter highlighted the bout that was critical could effect rsquo Diakiese & performance at the evening .

“I guess it might have two effects or one , really. It might either make you a little bit reluctant and play it slightly safe, or it could fire up you and force you to go around and struggle as if you’ve got nothing to lose. We’t found this a thousand times in various different game, when people have nothing to reduce they can pull their lives’ performances out. I’make sure that the very ideal version of me ends up and t simply got to become prepared to find the Marc. ”