He is uncertain if both are related.

For the time being, Oladipo remains in , on crutches, working his way back into shape so he can go back to s until the ending of this season after rupturing the quad tendon.

“I am a stunt that is positive,” Oladipo said during a conference call. “Sure, it might link, but that knows. I am focused on the past because I don’t have any control over that like I don’t have any control on the foreseeable near future.

“I have rehab at 4:30 today. I am centered on making that the ideal rehab session I’ve had.”

There is not any timetable for his return into the court.

In his first public comments since damaging the knee on Jan. 23, Oladipo confessed that the soreness he sensed in November and December was in the same general area since the serious injury — just above the ideal knee. A few days before he went , while scrambling back on defense against Toronto,” Pacers fans openly questioned whether Oladipo was 100 per cent and cited, in part.

He was selected to his next All-Star team following the injury.

While Oladipo failed to draw a direct connection between your pain and the ruptured quad tendon, he confessed the surgeons removed all”unnecessary things” in the ideal knee.

“At the quad tendon area, yes, virtually identical. [I was] just doing the vital things that they felt was best for stronger,” Oladipo said, describing his rehab regimen from the tender knee. “It was a freak injury .”

The Pacers lost their next four games — their longest skid in more than 1-2 months after beating Toronto on the nighttime Oladipo was shot off the court on the stretcher. Oladipo told reporters he was frustrated and felt like if he’d let his team mates.

But Oladipo helped turn things around when he met with his team mates until they played on Feb. 2.

na beat against the warmth 95-88, the success in a five-game series. The Pacers remain No. 3 in the Eastern Conference standings, also Oladipo still hopes to play a significant role in na’s fate.

“When I have my 2 cents or if I see something, I might text the players coach,” he explained. “However for the most part, if they came and seen me in , I told them exactly what I thought they needed to listen. The team is extremely capable to do special things without me.”


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