Strong character and attitude are Secrets to win, State quotes of the week

There are still three rounds to be played in the VELUX EHF Champions League, and everything has yet to be decided. When it’s a opportunity to compete in the 16 and the direct tickets into the quarter finals or sixth and place, all of teams can still hope for some thing. 

It’s understandable that some coaches were very joyful that their teams got the points while others couldn’t hide their disappointment.

5. Nikolaj Jakobsen, Rhein-Neckar Löwen trainer

&ldquo any one of my players played their very best degree today, and that’s not enough contrary to Vardar. I am not happy with your demonstration today. ”

Rhein-Neckar Löwen&rsquo coach was not satisfied with his players’ performance and the house defeat, 27:30, against Vardar. The only real world champion anticipates something else .


“There is not any way that a team can be at at Paris when they score more than 30 goals. ”

Nantes coach Anti knew how hard it would be to defeat Paris within their first Champions League game in 20-19. As they conceded 3-5 goals, they clearly needed a superior defensive performance.

3. Patrice Canayer, Montpellier HB trainer

“Our performance and attitude were up. ”

This weekend’s win against Meshkov Brest was the moment for Montpellier, the current titleholders in the VELUX EHF Champions League. The French side are back in the race for qualification to the 16, as they are tied in West with Brest and Kristianstad.

2. Juan Carlos Pastor, MOL-Pick Szeged trainer

“it was an setting from the hallway; a real MOTW match. We lived through all issues now, and at the end we showed personality. We showed you at the ending did thus and want to win. ”

Szeged and celje are so far from each other, along with 250 Hungarians travelled to Slovenia to support Select. The atmosphere was ideal for the Match of the Week from 20-19. 

Inch. Xavi Pascual, Barça Lassa trainer

“Thank you to Veszprém Arena. It’s incredible but not easy to play here. This really is but one of the best arenas in the world for playingwith. ”

After ten years at the helm of Barcelona, there are a number of arenas that coach Pascual is continuing to grow to love playing in — and Veszprém Arena is just one of those favorites. It pushed the sailors to beat Barcelona 29:26 in a thriller.

TEXT: Kevin Domas / cg