While Haas became the first team to release pictures of its new car last week, its new mostly-black livery shrouded a lot of this detail over the VF-19 beyond the simplified front wing.

Toro Rosso unveiled its Honda-powered STR14 on line afternoon, revealing a dramatically different bargeboard arrangement in line with the bigger aerodynamic limitations of this year.

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The team’s blue, silver and red livery, first introduced 2017, remains.

Toro Rosso ended ninth at the constructors’ championship last season and will have a closer relationship with Red Bull this year by using parts out of the 2018 car of its team.

Franz Tost, Toro Rosso team principal, said”The aim would be always to always improve so as to compete at the highest possible degree which winter we have worked intensively to bring a few organisational changes, which we hope may help smooth a few issues we experienced in the past.

“We’ve analysed all the internal procedures in order to optimise our strengths and minimise our weaknesses.

“In comparison to other teams, Toro Rosso count to a smaller quantity of individuals, but the synergies using RedBull Technology for its non-listed parts, now that Red Bull will also be equipped with the Honda enginewill render more time for our technical working groups to focus on the details.

“Attention to detail makes this gap which translates to more performance.”

Tost clarified that are the exact same specification as RedBull’s.

He said that”the majority of the remaining parts” will soon be last year’s ruler because Toro Rosso would perhaps not be able to complement RedBull’s rapid development of 20-19 parts.

“We’ve very good technical folks to adhere to along with in house design, and the reliability of the past year’s synergy project parts will put us into a more favourable situation to grow quicker throughout the season,” Tost added.

Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14

Photo by: RedBull Content Pool