The team has signed a deal with emerging British-based telecommunications company ROKiT and demonstrated that a colour scheme that was lightblue and white.

This season branding since 2013 and will probably soon be ’s first without title Martini sponsorship.

The ROKiT bargain was announced at an event in the factory on Monday of afternoon, attended by 20-19 drivers along with team principal Claire Formula 2 winner and George Russell.

The 20-19 isn’t anticipated to be seen until the beginning of pre season testing season.

Announcing the agreement, the team clarified ROKiT as a”brand new telco brand challenging the status quo, offering premium smartphone technology, design and performance for a reasonable price and installing innovative wifi networks to make the world a better place”.

Deputy team chief said:”We are thrilled to welcome ROKiT to we as our title partner for its 20-19 season and beyond.

“We share many similar principles and aspirations together with ROKiT; primarily putting engineering and innovation at the heart of what we do within our pursuit to be the most useful — the most perfect platform from which to take up out a partnership.

“ROKiT is about a thrilling travel in their world of telecommunications, once we are at once we build the team for a thriving future.

“Taking this course together is likely to make us both stronger inside our endeavours and so I can not wait to begin.”

ROKiT co-founder Jonathan Kendrick worked like a Goodyear tyre engineer, including on Alan Jones’s car at at the 1978 season.