Adrian Morley’s’little book’ helped him become Sydney Roosters legend in six block-busting years down under.

Along with his romance with all an Tri colours endures. He could possibly be a proud Brit, however he’s leaning his Aussie club lift the World Club title against Wigan on Sunday.

“But I had just one negative in Australia and I’ve quite an affiliation together.

“The fans were so definitely brilliant to me personally they enjoyed the way I played because I left everything out there. They made banners and my own song was sung by them.

“Thus, sorry if you’re a Wigan fan, but I’ll be cheering on the Roosters this weekend.”

Roosters go a bet

Morley took a gamble like a 23-year-old in 2001 down under on a career. During the time it wasn’t stylish for players to proceed into the NRL.

He took a pay cut test himself and he does not regret a moment.

“I have given more cash to stay in the Super League, however I thought if I did not go now, I might not have another possibility,” Morley said.

“I was really delighted by how it moved. It make two more Grand Finals and does help when you secure a Grand Final. It was a wonderful moment.”

The prop joined with his former Leeds coach Graham Murray at the Roosters and became one of the most.

Aussie fans still rate among the best British imports morley and he’s got his’book’ .

“some one from Canterbury Bankstown had written from the paper some thing similar to’we’re not scared of this Roosters forward’.

“As I walked in to the changing rooms [my teammates ] said’have you seen that?’ , therefore I said don’t worry he’s from the publication .” says Morley. “That day I battered him game.

“The following week [then-Roosters coach] Ricky Stewart asked who was from the publication that week, also I chose a random name from their forward and said:’He is!’ And I battered him game.

“That was it afterward. I received my team mates coming up to me and asking’Mozza, will you put so and so in the publication because I actually don’t like him’ and I’d inform them get your own book,” he laughs.

“It was a bit of pleasure, but it was essential for me because it gave me a focus to target somebody.

“I knew I was on something when I’d be out in Sydney in a pub, having a drink with opposing players. We’d have a few beers and they’d say’You’re not likely to put me in the publication are you currently?’ And I thought -‘I’ve got you!’ That was the tool I used.”

Can Wigan have the ability to stop the Chooks?

Adrian Morley

Morley starred scoring a try.

He could be convinced they could triumph, although he does not think the NRL Champions could have it all their own way this time round.

“I just think the Roosters is going to be somewhat strong for Wigan. The amount of experienced personnel Wigan have lost will probably have an effect.” He states.

“I know the Roosters attended over ancient because they would like to win it, going to Paris and playing a trial game on the market.

“Wigan have the luxury that they will have played fully-fledged, competitive Super League games and it wont be a landslide by any means. But I feel the Roosters is going to be overly strong.”