Keselowski has won a Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship however before last season’d not won exactly what many consider any of these “rdquo & leading; races on the program.

Back in 2018, he picked up two — winning at the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and also Southern 500 in Darlington, S.C.

The one — that the Daytona 500 — still remains but Keselowski has had opportunities within the race that have done nothing.

“Opportunities have been at the front of us. I’m willing to complete it,” Keselowski said. “I have a good comprehension of exactly what it’s going to choose to achieve it.

“It’s only a matter of kind of putting the whole race from the team & rsquo, from my perspective;s perspective also, then not needing any chance that is bad. I feel like the car is not that there, the team remains there, ” I ’m there.

“rsquo & we;re prepared to win this race. Hopefully that the time is now this year in 20-19. ”

Keselowski, 35, took his first action in the process of rival in this year’s event by qualifying ninth-fastest throughout Sunday’s.

Thursday night’s duel qualifying races will determine the final order that is starting within the race to get all however the front row.

&ldquoWe thought all along (that the Mustang) was going to be very competitive and I believe that it hasn’t missed a beat from testing (past month) to now,” Keselowski said.  “We’re pretty enthused about it.  I think that it ’SA pretty nice upgrade. ”

Asked about his strategy to get the race, Keselowski said only: ldquo;To secure the race.  ”

A lot of NASCAR’s top stars have failed to get the Daytona 500, before earning their first trip to Victory 31, or took an agonizingly long time. Superspeedway races will be the most fickle on the program, which brings to the difficulty in securing a win.

“” I feel as the Daytona 500 is one of those races, a lot of restrictor plate races really are this way in mind, one of those races where 12 months it will take smarts and terrific execution, and one year it requires a lot of luck,” Keselowski said. “It sounds to return and on.

“I went and observed a lot of picture. Joey Logano won the race two or three decades ago, 2015, exactly the same task with Denny Hamlin. They left moves that were courageous and smart to secure the race. They really made it.

“Afterward I’ve seen different races, never to select anyone, where I’d state that’s not the situation. Some one has been blessed enough to be running at the day’s end. The 500 sort of fell into their hands. That will be very frustrating once you are feeling like you’ve done everything right (but) the chance side isn’t in your favor. ”

The quest to win the Cup series & rsquo race not goes off — Keselowski has shattered out from his past four races in Daytona — while the consequences could seem to overwhelm the appetite.

“You have to get up on the horse and ride. I feel we’ve had to win fell through our fingers and now there ’s nothing we might have done ” he explained.

&ldquoWe understand that can give us our very best chance of winning and control all the stuff we can control and also go back , we maintain our hope , we do all the perfect things. ”

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