Chairman Mehmet Dalman says Cardiff is likely to soon be”honourable” using Nantes on pound & the;15-M move for Emiliano Sala and it has defended withholding a charge card.

Dalman confirmed the French club are threatening legal action, but they are trying to find”caution” on the issue.

A week, sala’s body has been recovered from the wreckage of a crashed plane.

Dalman also issued strong funding to Neil Warnock on his connection with football agents, believing people experienced”knives outside” for Cardiff’s manager.

Sala had been travelling in a light air craft piloted by David Ibbotson which went missing on the English Channel on 21 to Cardiff.

A fundraising interest fund an underwater search for the pilot has been create.

Funds have been fostered by cardiff City owner Vincent Tan by donating £50,000 of his own money towards the allure.

Confirming the Nantes activity, Dalman said:”Of course, if we are contractually obliged to pay them of course we will. We’re an club.

“However, if we are not – and there are a few anomalies because – then you would expect me whilst the chairman and protector of this club interests to start looking into this and hold our stance. That is what we are doing.

“We’re still in the act of collecting advice and this process will be ongoing. So when we reach a degree at which we have enough info, I am certain that we’ll sit down with Nantes and move forward.”

Dalman says Cardiff are currently looking to get the full picture of events.

“They [Nantes] have asked for that which they believe could be the money for them and there’s a procedure and they have pioneered this process,” he further added.

“What we are saying is, that we are not accountable for that process given the exceptional events which have taken place and the horrible circumstances. We’re not generating any negative or positive statements.

“we’re simply saying, please understand that there are a whole good deal of questions that need to be answered and that is what we are trying to accomplish.”

Warnock has complained about a”vendetta” against himamid criticism of his connection with representative Willie McKay, however, Dalman says he has no case to answer.

Football representative McKay says he arranged the flight which Sala took from Nantes, however, was not engaged in picking out the plane or pilot.

Asked about Warnock’s relationships with representatives he said:”I’ve zero worries about this. We take our relationships. I actually don’t really want to become associated with any vendettas and sand throwing, it’s nonsense.

“We’ve seen people taking out knives against Neil and that is only nonsense. I want to air my frustration to what the team is doing, and give my support.

“The very best solution to have even is by simply being successful. I am not planning to pay attention to terrible press and rumours. Do that which we must do and we just have to remain focussed. That is to win football games .”

But two of the sons of McKay had been in the Cardiff Academy, connections were denied by dalman to McKay.

He says it is unfair that there has been scrutiny of Warnock and the club are somewhat encouraging of him.

“I believe the need to improve this,” Dalman said. “I brought Neil into this club and I think he has been doing an enormous job for all of us in more ways than you. It’s essential that he knows we are there because of him personally.

“He had been for people in a difficult stage and got us promoted. He’s brought some terrific players into the club and now I need him to know we are a family group. The fans, the board, the chairman, the CEO and the owner are behind him because he strives to achieve the status of residing in the Premier League.”

Dalman also dismissed talk of Warnock stepping down from his article, amid the emotion of the death of Sala, after Warnock said he considered his own future”24 hours a day, seven times a week.”

“That conversation has never happened and I’ve got zero intention of holding this conversation,” he said.