unveiled its fresh light Blue and White look on Monday at a launch event that comprised the launch of its new title sponsor ROKiT.

It replaces the renowned Martini stripes which were adorned ’s cars from 2014 for the conclusion of last season, and deputy team leader said thought had been awarded to returning into the navy/white colour pallette which the team has used at various points during its history.

’s first cars were white with green branding, but the team grew to add greater blue (and yellow) through the 1980s and early 1990s, hurried red Winfield liveried cars in 1998 and 1999 and settled into a run of Blue and White cars since.

“This year is this a significant year for us,” explained . “We spent quite a lot of time with this livery, it’s all done in-house — we have a very good creative team at .

“I wanted a livery that told a story regarding where would be. I think a whole great deal of people are conscious that the traditional colours of are dark blue and white.

“I wished to go a way out of that and show the planet we’re a fresh, revitalized brandnew.

“Just reverting into your traditional navy and white did not really tell that story. F1 is your shop window into the world, and so I wanted to make sure we came out with a very glowing livery.”

ROKiT co founder Jonathan Kendrick said as his company has a red and black colour scheme, he had been uncertain about the livery.

But he explained he had been won as soon as he watched that the alternate.

“Claire said that it had been blue, and that I said’I really don’t quite get that Claire’. She said,’Well, here’s a black model , a reddish edition, a variation that is white — come and take a peek at the edition that is blue.

“So, I went downstairs and I watched this gorgeous automobile and thought,’I am in again’.”

Photogallery: ’ liveries during the years



Inch /43

Alan Jones, FW07

Alan Jones, Williams FW07

Two /43

Photo by: LAT Images


Alan Jones,

Alan Jones, Williams


Keke Rosberg, FW07C-Ford Cosworth

Keke Rosberg, Williams FW07C-Ford Cosworth


Photo by: LAT Images

, evaluations the FW08C for the first time

Ayrton Senna, tests the Williams FW08C for the first time


Photo by: Sutton Images



Photo by: LAT Images

Nigel Mansell, FW11B

Nigel Mansell, Williams FW11B Honda


Photo by: LAT Images

Jean-Louis Schlesser, FW12

Jean-Louis Schlesser, Williams FW12

1-1 /43

Photo by: LAT Images

Thierry Boutsen, FW13

Thierry Boutsen, Williams FW13

1-2 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

Riccardo Patrese, FW13B Renault

Riccardo Patrese, Williams FW13B Renault

1 3 /43

Photo by: LAT Images

Nigel Mansell, Renault FW14

Nigel Mansell, Williams Renault FW14


Photo by: Sutton Images

1-5 /43

Photo by: LAT Images

Photo by: Sutton Images

Photo by: Sutton Images

Photo by: LAT Images

1 9 /43

Photo by: LAT Images

Jacques Villeneuve, FW19

Jacques Villeneuve, Williams FW19


Photo by: LAT Images

Jacques Villeneuve, FW20

Jacques Villeneuve, Williams FW20


Photo by: LAT Images

Alex Zanardi,

Alex Zanardi, Williams

2-2 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

Jenson Button, FW22

Jenson Button, Williams BMW FW22

2 3 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

Juan Pablo Montoya, FW23

Juan Pablo Montoya, BMW Williams FW23

2 4 /43

Photo by: Steven Tee / / LAT Images

Ralf Schumacher,

Ralf Schumacher, Williams


Photo by: Russell Batchelor / / LAT Images

Juan Pablo Montoya, FW25

Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams BMW FW25


Photo by: Sutton Images

Marc Gene, FW26

Marc Gene, BMW Williams FW26


Photo by: Steve Etherington / / LAT Images

Mark Webber, F1 FW27

Mark Webber, Williams F1 BMW FW27


Photo by: Sutton Images

Alex Wurz, FW28 Third Driver

Alex Wurz, Williams FW28 Third Driver

2-9 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

, Cosworth FW27

Nico Rosberg, Williams Cosworth FW27


Photo by: Sutton Images

, FW29

Nico Rosberg, Williams FW29 Toyota

3-1 /43

Photo by: Glenn Dur / / LAT Images

Kazuki Nakajima, FW30

Kazuki Nakajima, Williams FW30

3 2 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

, FW31

Nico Rosberg, Williams FW31 Toyota

3 3 /43

Photo by: Glenn Dur / / LAT Images

, FW32 Cosworth

Nico Hulkenberg, Williams FW32 Cosworth

3 4 /43

Photo by: Andrew Ferraro / LAT Images

Mirko Bortolotti, FW33

Mirko Bortolotti, Williams FW33


Photo by: Sutton Images

Pastor Maldonado, FW34

Pastor Maldonado, Williams FW34

3 6 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

Valtteri Bottas, FW35

Valtteri Bottas, Williams FW35


Photo by: Sutton Images

Felipe Massa, FW36

Felipe Massa, Williams FW36


Photo by: Sutton Images

Valtteri Bottas, FW37

Valtteri Bottas, Williams FW37

3 9 /43

Photo by: Sutton Images

Valtteri Bottas, FW38

Valtteri Bottas, Williams FW38


Photo by: Sutton Images

Felipe Massa, FW40

Felipe Massa, Williams FW40


Photo by: Mark Sutton

George Russell, FW41

George Russell, Williams FW41


Photo by: Zak Mauger / / LAT Images


Williams FW42


Photo by: F1

said she had been worried about revealing her daddy Frank, who founded the team after his original attempts in 1977 and can be the brand newest design, team principal.

She discovered that if he had been not even a fan of the livery she’d not be within her occupation.

said:”Frank adored it! You might be astonished to know that however he did.

“that I was somewhat nervous going to introduce him because Frank is very protective and traditional of that dark blue and white.

“However, understanding the argument behind this, that this is telling the planet a clear story and bringing a clear message as to where people are as an organization, he is fully behind it.

“And I am still here! If he did not enjoy it he probably would have fired me.”