Kielce fan’s fridge brings a simply perfect moment to sick children

Maciej Putala’s amazing picture taken at the summit of Icelandic mountain Kirkjufell won the hearts of the judges of Gorenje’s recent ‘#simplymoments’ fan competition. The shot takes your breath away and makes you want to join Putala on the top of the mountain.

Putala is a longstanding PGE VIVE Kielce fan but also a creative, energetic traveller. He has already explored half of the world and wherever he goes, he always takes his club’s yellow, white and blue jersey with him to share his love of with those he meets.

After winning the club-branded fridge made by Gorenje for the #simplymoments competition, run alongside the VELUX EHF , Putala decided to share his prize too.

“From the very beginning I was thinking that it would be nice to give the fridge to somebody who needs it more than me,” explains Putala.

“The fridge is coloured with the most beautiful colours in the world – yellow, white and blue – and, what is more, it has got a really nice, cheerful design. I hope it will bring a piece of happiness to the world of kids who are sick and need positive impulses.”

The gift was delivered by PGE VIVE’s players themselves to the paediatric orthopaedic ward of Kielce’s regional hospital. Putala flew to Poland from Iceland, where he now lives, especially for the occasion.

The fridge now stands in prime position in the middle of a colourful corridor in the ward, its smile bringing joy to the young patients.

On Gorenje’s initiative, it arrived full of Polish sweets and fudge, handed out to the patients by the Kielce players who spent time visiting the children, taking pictures and chatting with them.  

“It’s good to have fans like Maciek,” says PGE VIVE’s CMO, Pawel Papaj. “As a club we gladly supported the idea of giving the fridge to the hospital. I hope that it will serve young patients well, showing that the club is an active member of the local society.”

The afternoon spent in hospital was filled with many beautiful emotions among patients, staff and their guests.

And all of this because one simple gesture, adding another story to the collection of #simplymoments of an .

Photo: PGE VIVE Kielce/Patryk Ptak Photography

TEXT: Magda Pluszewska/jh


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