The Combate Americas promotion has been growing steadily and also doing a good job of encouraging its tent pole events, therefore that it ’s easy to overlook a number of the implies which it still puts forth. Case in point Mexicali in Baja , Mexico Friday.

You’re able to see Gonzalez includes a gameplan he and here ’s appearing to establish range but that goes out the window when Ochoa starts swiping at him like a furious monster. Ochoa lands the ideal hook that sends Gonzalez’therefore mouthpiece flying least 50 feet through the air (slight exaggeration) and Gonzalez instantly switches into a supine position trusting that it will dissuade his assailant from doing additional damage. It almost works.

Ochoa (4 6 ) didn’t last half an around in his last few fights, therefore what you’re seeing is a great deal of pent up aggression on his role and Gonzalez could be the one that paid ford it.

In a bout that was flyweight, 23-year-old potential Santiago Monreal improved to 4-0 after making utilization of an outside trip:

However, the best Mexi Cali conclusion may have come from atomweight Laura Huizar, that left a sloppy joe from Dulce Hernandez’with a shotgun blast kick to the gut, s innards.

In the Heavy Weight event, veteran Chase Sherman took on he cried of him inside of a round with a leg kick and Jeremy Might:

Or it would have been a walk off like he needs to have if the bout had been waved by referee Sammy Collingwood off. He directs might to get right up s clear that May does not have any interest in fighting. It does get ceased and Sherman seems evidenced by the whole thing.

Coincidentally (or maybe ),” Sherman actually battled Collingwood about three years back and hauled out him inside a round, so maybe he just didn’t even desire to give Sherman the win. Fine work by Sherman, even if he was denied the style points he richly deserved.

From Island Fights 52, there clearly is a fun hoss battle between Robert Neal and Chris Barnett.

Barnett nearly squashes himself using a Lousy suplex effort in around one:

And finally the fight Reduces into both guys throwing techniques that belie their statures out:

Always a great guy to watch, improve as a pro to 18-6 and Barnett proceeded to secure a unanimous decision.

Island Fights 52 can be acquired to replay on UFC Fight Pass, while Combate 30 can be re-watched via DAZN.

Wardi Suwardi vs. Erpin Syah

We Begin using all the not-litigious-at-all ONE Pride MMA show in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the event, flyweight champion defended his title and did successfully using a entry that beggars belief:

That really is what the best kind of fight needs to look like? Two men with nominal rules (note the nasty knees to the head of a seated goal ), certainly one seemingly getting back together a movement on the area to disable his opponent. Suwardi was used to crank that arm entry. What?!?

According to @Fight_Expert on Twitter, it can be a leg-lace Americana. Thus, you know, pretty conventional stuff.


All that happened after Suwardi along with Syah’s entrances.

Don’t even do drugs.

Now this isn’t quite as striking as it sounds as Rose was on his way to a decision win anyhow, but we’re not planning to look past a talented young feather weight setting an exclamation point in his seventh win in eight expert spells. Judges, shmudges.

We finish with a followup to last weekend & rsquo;s spontaneous MMA moshpit , this peek of chaos occurring at a fresh Fighting Generation 1-1 event in Minsk, Belarus (complete dinosaurs readily available on YouTube).

While no where near as crazy because that scene that is Germanic, this scuffle between Boris Byk and Vladislav Yankovskiy is worth a watch if just to attempt to comprehend how it grows.

From the slow-motion breakdown, you can see the stage where it moved from good natured post-fight banter to full size “YOU’RE TOO CLOSE, MAN” territory.

Until next week, everybody just chill out, ok?


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