Heat 3, which released on Xbox One, play station 4 and PC this past year,” has launched its own 2019 update.

The state video game may include upgraded teams and the new drivers for 2019 and paint schemes.

The 2019 season update includes the Ford Mustang that has united the series that year.

The growing season update is also used online in a series although players that stick with the 2018 version can’t dash the’19 pack being used by those in the online mode as a result of licensing issues.


’18 career progress wills not affect, after spending a year at Xfinity, and the ones climbing the ladder will instead join.

The update will cost $9.99 (around £7.76) as it releases.

Heat 3 newly completed enrollment for its very first season of E-Sports competition from the e Heat Pro League and exhibit races happened throughout the Daytona Clash weekend.

An update for your Heat Mobile app is accessible also:



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