St Mirren have resisted the”entirely unacceptable” action of home fans who supposedly spat and threw coins at an unconscious Dundee United supporter.

The club state after fans jumped forward in the visiting side’s first goal in Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie, the fan suffered a head injury.

St Mirren add “numerous people chose to spit and throw coins at him”.

The Paisley side have asked fans to help indentify those included, saying that the caliber of their CCTV footage of this incident isn’t sufficient to”chase this on the degree of certainty that could permit prosecution”.

The club add which should they”clearly identify the culprits”, they are going to soon be given a life time ban from the Simple Digital Arena.

Dundee United won the game 2-1 to achieve the Scottish Cup quarter-final.

St Mirren state the police”have been around in dialogue with us over some events and behaviour that’s occurred predominantly at off games”.

“This pertains to a rather small number of fans, however, it goes without mentioning that this negatively affects the standing of the service as a complete,” they added.

“Amongst other things that has involved with the atmosphere away of flares, smoke and fireworks bombs, organising struggles with opposition fans and vandalism of public land. These are extremely serious allegations and badly tarnish our club’s standing “